Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCAA Tournament Brackets

Ok, so I have some beef with anyone who sets up a bracket competition and only pays the 1st place finisher. Really people; if 50 sign up, you only pay one!!??

In most tournaments, of any kind, you reward the top three finishers. In most betting competitions (poker tournament, horse racing) you pay the top few finishers for their accomplishments. That's just logical. I was in two brackets this year, and mistakenly didn't ask how many people get paid; and in both of them, only 1st place was rewarded. I wouldn't have bothered playing in one of them had I known that was the case. You've got to at least throw a few bucks to the guy/girl who finished second.

As a disclaimer, I did not finish in the top two or three this year, so I'm not just venting as a reaction to that. Its just a point of logic for anyone who will ever set up a bracket going forward. The same also applies to Fantasy sports.

If you pay to play, reward more than one person.

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  1. You know what Mike - that just means you have to guess extra right next year.