Monday, April 5, 2010

Indians / Random

I don't watch the Indians unless I'm at Jaco..Progressive Field or they're in the playoffs, but all I know is they just lost their season opener six to nothing. I'm sure Mike will have something to say on the matter, but sports-wise, my Summer is filled with watching nothing more than highlights and reading about how the Browns draft picks are coming along. Like that Veikune guy, who might be good if he played at his natural position.

Same thing with Vernon Gholston and the Jets. Did they even try to start him at Defensive End or did they just let him fail as a Linebacker?

After the NBA finals are over, I've got nothing until the Browns start. Don't worry, it's only two months, I live.

Bold Statement: "If the Pats draft Tebow, the rest of the AFC East is screwed for the next decade." -James.

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