Thursday, April 8, 2010


Way back in the day.. 1994 to be exact. I watched the Indians regularly for the first time ever. They had a new stadium and my dad got some tickets and it was fun. So I kept watching them on TV. My only experience with sports up to this point was the WWE. And the Indians were pretty good that year. I remember my Grandpa was really excited because after...what 40-50 years (I'm not looking it up) the Indians were actually doing good.

Then they went on strike.. Season over. My Dad's tickets refunded. About six months later my Grandpa passes away and doesn't get to see the Indians succeed. Thanks Baseball.

Next season, they've still got all their players and they're supposed to be good again. And they were. They were really good. "100 wins" good. They get to the World Series and lose to Atlanta. Thanks Indians. I don't remember details, but I remember everyone complaining about our pitching. Whatever.

I don't remember 1996 at all. I was watching the nWo. Then I remember 1997 and Jose Mesa blowing the save, with the lead, in the bottom of the ninth. And then I think over the next couple of years they traded away every player I knew and that was that. Steve Austin time.

Nothing other than a couple of games at Jacob's Field every now and then until 2007. I hear Kenny Lofton is coming back. Holy shit. We're doing good and we're about to add someone I remember from ten years ago. Alright, I'm in. I start watching again. And they're kicking ass. I've got a new lineup of players I'm getting to know: Sizemore, Hafner, Garko, Blake, CC, Fausto, Cliff, The guy who pie'd the people during post game interviews, Wickman, Peralta and Lofton. That's a cool lineup of characters, no? John Cena takes a backseat now.

They make it to the playoffs. Bugs attack that New York pitcher and Fausto is unaffected. Awesome. Then they make it to the ALCS.. They get crushed by Boston in game one.. Then we beat them three games in a row. Then Boston comes back....series tied. And then in game seven we're getting killed, then we start to build momentum.. Then that third base coach puts up the stop sign on Kenny Lofton, ending all momentum. Lofton looked at him like he was a retard, probably told him so. No possible comeback, Boston wins. Then Boston CRUSHES Colorado, just like we would have. Thanks Third Base Coach.

Then, just like last time, the Indians trade away every player I just got to know. Sizemore stays.. Hafner stays.. The guy who spells his name wrong stays.. Wickman isn't doing somersaults anymore.. Lofton's gone again.. Blake and his sweet beard.. gone. CC and Cliff get traded away and they end up playing the World Series against each other.. Thanks management.

I just don't like Baseball as much as Basketball or Football. Or the WWE. And any time I DO try to like baseball I get shit on. So the first half of my Summer is the NFL Draft and the NBA Playoffs (Thank God they go on forever) and the second half of my Summer is the NBA Draft and the NFL Preseason. And if I'm lucky, the Summerslam lineup will look good. The Browns can suck all they want and I'll keep watching because I actually like football. I missed when the Browns were good. Wasn't old enough to care. And now I want to see them improve and become contenders. I'll watch just about any game of Football and just about any game of Basketball.. But I'll probably only start to watch the Indians again regularly if they're like 1 out away from winning a World Seri.......maybe not.