Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indians start 6-7...can't be too upset

The Indians by all accounts have to be the surprise of the season. Everyone picked the White Sox to compete with the Twins for the division title this year. Maybe that will still happen; but not if the Indians are going to win 5 out of every 6 games against the Pale Hoes.

The Tribe's starting rotation is making the organization look like geniuses. I know things will come back to earth, but when your weakest starter is Jake Westbrook you have hope for the future. Masterson seems to be the pitcher with the worst luck this year. He is pitching OK but the team behind him is letting him down. He has an ERA of 3.00 but has given up 10 runs! That's because there are too many errors behind him. Now, he is walking too many guys; but he's also striking out about 1.4 per inning!!

Choo is becoming the player we all thought Grady Sizemore would be this year. Sizemore may come around; but apparently taking goofy nude pictures of yourself does more damage than we thought.

Hafner won't be the 42 HR guy (and 6 Grand Slams!) we used to know..but at least he is becoming respectable again.

AND PLEASE CUT/TRADE/FIRE/DEMOTE/DO ANYTHING TO GET RID OF Jhonny Peralta! I can't take any more of his crappy performances.

If the Tribe is .500 by the end of April, the fans might start trickling in after the Cavs are done in the playoffs. Otherwise you can forget about it.

I'll keep watching and listening because I'm a sucker; but I promise I won't like it.


  1. i have never once seen Peralta get on base.

  2. Come on James, Peralta has something like a million more walks than Grady and Cabrera combined.

  3. I don't watch the Indians often, but I swear I don't recall a time he's been on base.