Friday, April 23, 2010

Draft Day 1 and Madden 010

Draft is over, Cleveland didn't trade away their entire draft for Bradford.. Roethlisberger went no where. All is right in the world.

Now, what this list is is a chart showing the player drafted, and their projected Madden 010 rating in 2016. So these are players that were exported from NCAA Football 010 and drafted into Madden. In order they were drafted:

Team - Player - Position - 2016 Madden Rating

RAMS - Bradford, Sam QB 91
LIONS - Suh, Ndamukong DT 97
BUCS - McCoy, Gerald DT 82
REDSKINS - Williams, Trent OT 65
CHIEFS - Berry, Eric SS 70
SEAHAWKS - Okung, Russell OT 91
BROWNS - Haden, Joe CB 86
RAIDERS - McClain, Rolando LB 89
BILLS - Spiller, C.J. RB 74
JAGUARS - Alualu, Tyson DE (out of league)
49ERS - Davis, Anthony OT 87
CHARGERS - Mathews, Ryan RB (out of league)
EAGLES - Graham, Brandon DE (out of league)
SEAHAWKS - Thomas, Earl SS 82
GIANTS - Pierre-Paul, Jason DE (out of league)
TITANS - Morgan, Derrick DE 78
49ERS - Iupati, Mike OG (out of league)
STEELERS - Pouncey, Maurkice C 97
FALCONS - Weatherspoon, Sean LB 89
TEXANS - Jackson, Kareem CB 80
BENGALS - Gresham, Jermaine TE 90
BRONCOS - Thomas, Demaryius WR (out of league)
PACKERS - Bulaga, Bryan OT (out of league)
COWBOYS - Bryant, Dez WR 95
BRONCOS - Tebow, Tim QB (Mel Kiper is RETARDED) 89
CARDINALS - Williams, Dan DT 72
PATS - McCourty, Devin CB (out of league)
DOLPHINS - Odrick, Jared DT 86
JETS - Wilson, Kyle CB 67
LIONS - Best, Jahvid RB 88
COLTS - Hughes, Jerry DE (out of league)
SAINTS - Robinson, Patrick CB 85

Yes, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A VIDEO GAME, but still, it's kind of interesting to look at. So worst player STILL in my Madden Franchise is Trent Williams (Pick 4) at 65, and the best player is either Ndamukong Suh (Pick 2) or Maurkice Pouncey (Pick 18), both at 97. Figures.

To compare, Peyton Manning, Jared Allen, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson are all 99s in 2016. Jamarcus Russell is a 61.

So according to my Madden Franchise, the teams that absolutely BLEW the first round are: The Jaguars, The Chargers, The Eagles, The Giants, The Packers, The Pats, and The Colts. The teams that DOMINATED the first round are: The Lions, The Seahawks, and the f'ing Steelers.

I'll do this again for round two and maybe round three, mostly because I forgot to look up Jimmy Clausen's rating. I'm curious if it's above 60.

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