Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cavs go up 2-0. Other Playoff Ramblings..

LeBron after the game told the reporter that the most important thing now is Game 3 against The Bulls. I get the feeling that last year, at no point did they say "Alright, the most important thing right now is Game 1 against The Magic." They were saying "We've got this locked up, bring on L.A." Resulting in too much of this:

Last year in the first two rounds the Cavs were not tested whatsoever. Hopefully the Bulls and the Celtics/Heat put up a fight for us to keep us on our toes. And this time around we should be more than prepared for the Magic. And if it's not the Magic, it will either be the Hawks, the Bucks, or the Grizzles. Mike Brown better not overlook ANY of those teams. The Bucks have Darnell Jackson - they could know our entire playbook by now.

Actually, I bet every team in the NBA knows our playbook.

Play #1: Wing Pick LeBron Option/Dunk - LeBron stands at the top of the key dribbling. Shaq takes up a body under the hoop. Delonte and Mo pop out to opposite wings. Varejao sets a screen. LeBron drives and 1) Dunks on some poor bastard. 2) Dunks on some poor bastard and draws a foul. 3) Is held and draws a foul. 4) Kicks it out to either Delonte or Mo for an open three. 5) Shoots his own long jumper or three. 6) Fires it to "Out of Control" Varejao for a layup/crash into photographers.

Play #2: Mo Running Decoy Option - LeBron outside, waiting for a 3. Mo dribbles and runs in a giant circle under the hoop and back out. Pass to whoever is open for a jumper.

Play #3: Play #2, but substitute Delonte for Mo.

Play #4: That LeBron/Varejao/LeBron/Varejao pass that almost always results in Varejao getting a layup.

There's a play that lets Antawn hit that floater he always makes. There's that new play where they kick it out to Moon for an open three. There's the play where Parker hits the open three. And really that's about it. They just run Play #1 75 times per game and it usually works since LeBron isn't human.

This is alright, because the Magic only have one play:

Play #1: Superman Four Pass Option - Howard has the ball, he posts up. He has an option: 1) Get Double Covered, pass to Lee, Lee passes to Rashard, Rashard passes to Nelson, Nelson passes to Turkaloo for an open three. 2) Don't get Double Covered, Dunk on poor bastard and draw a foul.

Play #1 has since been modified, since the disappearance of Turkaloo and Lee. Instead of Lee, there is now Vince Carter, who modifies the play for himself, and instead of just continuing the pass, he dribbles around and bricks a jumper. This makes the pizza guy do this:

And they also lost Turkaloo, who decided it would be a better career move to play for the Toronto Raptors instead of Orlando; and a bunch of midcarders in that Vince Carter trade.. And now the Cavs have players of their own who can just drain open threes all game, so it's looking like they have a better chance.

And also - back to Orlando's Play #1, now that poor bastard that Dwight Howard will be posting up against is Shaq....

But first thing's first. Chicago Bulls - Game 3.

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  1. Varejao is not ever out of control... he is just a perfect example of Newton's laws of motion...an object in motion will stay in motion... unless another force acts upon it causing the sum of the forces in action upon Varejao to be equal to zero... and he falls over...