Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cavs vs Celtics

Cavs in 7.

Too much stupid crap happens when the Celtics are involved. For the months leading to the playoffs, the Celtics phoned it in. 14-11 in the two months before the playoffs. Looking completely like they just wanted their season to be over.

Celtics beat Miami in five, each game by 9, 29, 2, and 10. 50 points total.

Cleveland beat Chicago in five, each game by 13, 10, 23, and 2. 48 points total.

That's about as close of a series as we could have gotten, yes?

But.. when Boston lost, it was by 9. When Cleveland lost, it was by 2.

So if we factor that in.. Boston won by 41 points.. Cleveland won by 46 points.

This has accomplished nothing other than finding out a new way of saying Boston sucks and Cleveland is awesome.

Also LeBron says he isn't worried about his elbow. That's good news, right?


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