Friday, April 23, 2010

Draft Day 2...mocks

Good news: every mock draft out there today has the Browns taking McCoy in the 2nd round. I was unsure he would last that long until Clausen started to fall out of the first round. Now, I feel confident he'll be a Brown.

But I'm not sure why nobody has Minnesota picking Jimmy Clausen. Isn't that why they traded with Detroit? They saw Clausen was going to fall out of the first round because Indy and New Orleans were not going to pick a QB, and STL had Bradford. So Minnesota saw that they could move back, pick up another pick late, and still get Clausen. Don't they have to draft a QB? Favre is only a filler for one more year, then Claussen could fill right in on a good team and be successful. Minnesota can then trade away Sage Rosenfels and/or Jackson. All this makes perfect sense to me...but I guess I'm not an 'expert'.

Today should be a good day for the draft. I bet there's a lot of trades early because there are still some big time players on the board. I would love to see the Browns trade back into the 2nd round to grab either Taylor Mays, Golden Tate, or Toby Gerhart supposing none of them are taken after the Browns 38th pick. Gerhart's got a chip on his shoulder and I want to see him unleash it on the AFC North.


  1. Minnesota is set for a few more years with Favre.. I don't know what you're talking about.

  2. The Vikes can handle be successful with Farve if only we can take his waffling before the season starts. its to much heart ache... But Mike your right the Purple need to find a replacement for Travis (he still hasn't earned the real spelling of his name from me yet)... he hasn't proven himself to me or a lot of other fans.