Friday, April 30, 2010

Indians most hated team...and ignored

Thanks James for the intro to the topic. I was going to post the link this morning, then I saw your post.

The deal is, the Indians are in a tough spot. The fans are passionate, but are becoming very disenfranchised with the ownership. Since the Dolan's took over there is a perception that they won't spend the money to keep the good players. So, its been 9 years ( i believe) since the Jacobs' sold the team; and the fans have really only had one year to be excited about.

I hate the argument that the Dolans did actually carry a high payroll in their tenure. That is true, in 2002 they had a big payroll; but that was only because it was left over from the Jacobs tenure. As soon as they could, the Dolan's let the talent go and rebuilt. Rebuilding is an okay part of the game, but at some point you have to spend money again to build a competitive team.

The Indians sign young players to long contracts (Grady, Carmona) so as to avoid arbitration and a few years of free agency. Not a bad plan, but you have to keep spending to get veterans with those young guys. Young guys alone are too inconsistent to win titles; you need a mix. Plus, you miss with some signings, like Jhonny Peralta.

Did Indians fans get spoiled in the 90s? Yes, but too bad ownership. You can't undo what happened, so pony up and put some talent on the field. Its the only way fans will come back to the ballpark. (no Paul Dolan, its not the other way around. We come to buy tickets when you spend first. I'm not spending money in the hopes that you will use it on players later. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indians Most Hated??

I'll let Mike talk about this if he wants...but here's the post.

Is this a shocker?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cavs vs Celtics

Cavs in 7.

Too much stupid crap happens when the Celtics are involved. For the months leading to the playoffs, the Celtics phoned it in. 14-11 in the two months before the playoffs. Looking completely like they just wanted their season to be over.

Celtics beat Miami in five, each game by 9, 29, 2, and 10. 50 points total.

Cleveland beat Chicago in five, each game by 13, 10, 23, and 2. 48 points total.

That's about as close of a series as we could have gotten, yes?

But.. when Boston lost, it was by 9. When Cleveland lost, it was by 2.

So if we factor that in.. Boston won by 41 points.. Cleveland won by 46 points.

This has accomplished nothing other than finding out a new way of saying Boston sucks and Cleveland is awesome.

Also LeBron says he isn't worried about his elbow. That's good news, right?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Draft Day 2/3 and Madden 010

Too many picks to look up, so I grabbed some notables:

TJ Ward, FS to Cleveland.. 70 Rating.
Taylor Mays, FS.. 95 Rating.
Toby Gerhart, RB.. (out of league)
Terrence Cody, Obese DT.. 85 Rating.
Ben Tate, RB.. 74 Rating.
Mont Hardesty, RB to Cleveland.. Out of League.
Brandon Spikes, LB.. 95 Rating.
Jimmy Clausen, QB.. 65 Rating.
Colt McCoy, QB to Cleveland.. 78 Rating.
Shawn Lauvao, OT to Cleveland.. Out of League.
Larry Asante, SS to Cleveland.. 90 Rating. (hell yeah)
Carlton Mitchell, Slow WR to Cleveland.. 75 Rating.
Anthony McCoy, TE.. 85 Rating.
Clifton Geathers, DE to Cleveland.. Out of League.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Draft Day 2...mocks

Good news: every mock draft out there today has the Browns taking McCoy in the 2nd round. I was unsure he would last that long until Clausen started to fall out of the first round. Now, I feel confident he'll be a Brown.

But I'm not sure why nobody has Minnesota picking Jimmy Clausen. Isn't that why they traded with Detroit? They saw Clausen was going to fall out of the first round because Indy and New Orleans were not going to pick a QB, and STL had Bradford. So Minnesota saw that they could move back, pick up another pick late, and still get Clausen. Don't they have to draft a QB? Favre is only a filler for one more year, then Claussen could fill right in on a good team and be successful. Minnesota can then trade away Sage Rosenfels and/or Jackson. All this makes perfect sense to me...but I guess I'm not an 'expert'.

Today should be a good day for the draft. I bet there's a lot of trades early because there are still some big time players on the board. I would love to see the Browns trade back into the 2nd round to grab either Taylor Mays, Golden Tate, or Toby Gerhart supposing none of them are taken after the Browns 38th pick. Gerhart's got a chip on his shoulder and I want to see him unleash it on the AFC North.

Draft Day 1 and Madden 010

Draft is over, Cleveland didn't trade away their entire draft for Bradford.. Roethlisberger went no where. All is right in the world.

Now, what this list is is a chart showing the player drafted, and their projected Madden 010 rating in 2016. So these are players that were exported from NCAA Football 010 and drafted into Madden. In order they were drafted:

Team - Player - Position - 2016 Madden Rating

RAMS - Bradford, Sam QB 91
LIONS - Suh, Ndamukong DT 97
BUCS - McCoy, Gerald DT 82
REDSKINS - Williams, Trent OT 65
CHIEFS - Berry, Eric SS 70
SEAHAWKS - Okung, Russell OT 91
BROWNS - Haden, Joe CB 86
RAIDERS - McClain, Rolando LB 89
BILLS - Spiller, C.J. RB 74
JAGUARS - Alualu, Tyson DE (out of league)
49ERS - Davis, Anthony OT 87
CHARGERS - Mathews, Ryan RB (out of league)
EAGLES - Graham, Brandon DE (out of league)
SEAHAWKS - Thomas, Earl SS 82
GIANTS - Pierre-Paul, Jason DE (out of league)
TITANS - Morgan, Derrick DE 78
49ERS - Iupati, Mike OG (out of league)
STEELERS - Pouncey, Maurkice C 97
FALCONS - Weatherspoon, Sean LB 89
TEXANS - Jackson, Kareem CB 80
BENGALS - Gresham, Jermaine TE 90
BRONCOS - Thomas, Demaryius WR (out of league)
PACKERS - Bulaga, Bryan OT (out of league)
COWBOYS - Bryant, Dez WR 95
BRONCOS - Tebow, Tim QB (Mel Kiper is RETARDED) 89
CARDINALS - Williams, Dan DT 72
PATS - McCourty, Devin CB (out of league)
DOLPHINS - Odrick, Jared DT 86
JETS - Wilson, Kyle CB 67
LIONS - Best, Jahvid RB 88
COLTS - Hughes, Jerry DE (out of league)
SAINTS - Robinson, Patrick CB 85

Yes, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A VIDEO GAME, but still, it's kind of interesting to look at. So worst player STILL in my Madden Franchise is Trent Williams (Pick 4) at 65, and the best player is either Ndamukong Suh (Pick 2) or Maurkice Pouncey (Pick 18), both at 97. Figures.

To compare, Peyton Manning, Jared Allen, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson are all 99s in 2016. Jamarcus Russell is a 61.

So according to my Madden Franchise, the teams that absolutely BLEW the first round are: The Jaguars, The Chargers, The Eagles, The Giants, The Packers, The Pats, and The Colts. The teams that DOMINATED the first round are: The Lions, The Seahawks, and the f'ing Steelers.

I'll do this again for round two and maybe round three, mostly because I forgot to look up Jimmy Clausen's rating. I'm curious if it's above 60.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft and Roethlisberger

So latest rumors are that the Browns will trade their pick to some team NOT in the top 10, who wants Ben Rapistberger.


Who could possibly want Ben Rapistberger?

The Eagles have Vick and Kolb.. Maybe. Who do they give up? DeSean Jackson? A Shitload of picks?

The Raiders are already in the Top 10, but Al Davis has done dumber things. Maybe. Who do they give up? Kamerion Wimbley? Richard Seymour? A bunch of picks?

The Vikings? After Favre they'll be left with Tavarious Jackson. Maybe? Who do they give up? Berrian? Percy Harvin? Sidney Rice? A Williams? Who would be worth that 7th pick, and why on Earth would they get rid of that player to have Ben Roethlisberger?

The Cardinals? They've got DA and Leinart.. If there's a surprise trade it would be this. But what would the Cardinals give up? Their first round pick and what else for our 7th overall pick? Beanie Wells? Steve Breaston? Adrian Wilson? Maybe half of their 2010 Draft picks?

Who would want Roethlisberger? I'm going to make a point I've been making for about three years now: Roethlisberger Sucks. He's a terrible QB. He scrambles around like a retard, then throws up a ball. He has good enough receivers that one of them can usually intercept it. Watch half of his throws: in the dirt or to Mike Tomlin. Ben is slightly better than Derek Anderson.

His famous goal line play to Santonio Holmes last year? That was a pass to a WIDE OPEN Heath Miller in the corner of the end zone. Roethlisberger threw such a shitty pass to Miller that Holmes was able to grab it at the goal line. And if Roethlisberger really DID throw it to Holmes, then he's AN IDIOT for not throwing it to a WIDE OPEN HEATH MILLER!!

Watch how Roethlisberger's receivers have to twist and contort their bodies to catch his passes. Watch how Roethlisberger has no clue what to do in the pocket when there's pressure. He's like the bigger Charlie Frye.

(Also note that the reason Pittsburgh Receivers are always wide open is because Hines Ward did one of the following: Illegal Pick, Holding beyond Five Yards, Offensive Pass Interference, Holding, or Clipping. Why do you think that F*cker is always smiling after each play?)

What team on Earth would be dumb enough to give up ANYTHING for Roethlisberger?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indians start 6-7...can't be too upset

The Indians by all accounts have to be the surprise of the season. Everyone picked the White Sox to compete with the Twins for the division title this year. Maybe that will still happen; but not if the Indians are going to win 5 out of every 6 games against the Pale Hoes.

The Tribe's starting rotation is making the organization look like geniuses. I know things will come back to earth, but when your weakest starter is Jake Westbrook you have hope for the future. Masterson seems to be the pitcher with the worst luck this year. He is pitching OK but the team behind him is letting him down. He has an ERA of 3.00 but has given up 10 runs! That's because there are too many errors behind him. Now, he is walking too many guys; but he's also striking out about 1.4 per inning!!

Choo is becoming the player we all thought Grady Sizemore would be this year. Sizemore may come around; but apparently taking goofy nude pictures of yourself does more damage than we thought.

Hafner won't be the 42 HR guy (and 6 Grand Slams!) we used to know..but at least he is becoming respectable again.

AND PLEASE CUT/TRADE/FIRE/DEMOTE/DO ANYTHING TO GET RID OF Jhonny Peralta! I can't take any more of his crappy performances.

If the Tribe is .500 by the end of April, the fans might start trickling in after the Cavs are done in the playoffs. Otherwise you can forget about it.

I'll keep watching and listening because I'm a sucker; but I promise I won't like it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cavs go up 2-0. Other Playoff Ramblings..

LeBron after the game told the reporter that the most important thing now is Game 3 against The Bulls. I get the feeling that last year, at no point did they say "Alright, the most important thing right now is Game 1 against The Magic." They were saying "We've got this locked up, bring on L.A." Resulting in too much of this:

Last year in the first two rounds the Cavs were not tested whatsoever. Hopefully the Bulls and the Celtics/Heat put up a fight for us to keep us on our toes. And this time around we should be more than prepared for the Magic. And if it's not the Magic, it will either be the Hawks, the Bucks, or the Grizzles. Mike Brown better not overlook ANY of those teams. The Bucks have Darnell Jackson - they could know our entire playbook by now.

Actually, I bet every team in the NBA knows our playbook.

Play #1: Wing Pick LeBron Option/Dunk - LeBron stands at the top of the key dribbling. Shaq takes up a body under the hoop. Delonte and Mo pop out to opposite wings. Varejao sets a screen. LeBron drives and 1) Dunks on some poor bastard. 2) Dunks on some poor bastard and draws a foul. 3) Is held and draws a foul. 4) Kicks it out to either Delonte or Mo for an open three. 5) Shoots his own long jumper or three. 6) Fires it to "Out of Control" Varejao for a layup/crash into photographers.

Play #2: Mo Running Decoy Option - LeBron outside, waiting for a 3. Mo dribbles and runs in a giant circle under the hoop and back out. Pass to whoever is open for a jumper.

Play #3: Play #2, but substitute Delonte for Mo.

Play #4: That LeBron/Varejao/LeBron/Varejao pass that almost always results in Varejao getting a layup.

There's a play that lets Antawn hit that floater he always makes. There's that new play where they kick it out to Moon for an open three. There's the play where Parker hits the open three. And really that's about it. They just run Play #1 75 times per game and it usually works since LeBron isn't human.

This is alright, because the Magic only have one play:

Play #1: Superman Four Pass Option - Howard has the ball, he posts up. He has an option: 1) Get Double Covered, pass to Lee, Lee passes to Rashard, Rashard passes to Nelson, Nelson passes to Turkaloo for an open three. 2) Don't get Double Covered, Dunk on poor bastard and draw a foul.

Play #1 has since been modified, since the disappearance of Turkaloo and Lee. Instead of Lee, there is now Vince Carter, who modifies the play for himself, and instead of just continuing the pass, he dribbles around and bricks a jumper. This makes the pizza guy do this:

And they also lost Turkaloo, who decided it would be a better career move to play for the Toronto Raptors instead of Orlando; and a bunch of midcarders in that Vince Carter trade.. And now the Cavs have players of their own who can just drain open threes all game, so it's looking like they have a better chance.

And also - back to Orlando's Play #1, now that poor bastard that Dwight Howard will be posting up against is Shaq....

But first thing's first. Chicago Bulls - Game 3.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bunt Home Run

This might be old, but I lol'd.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drunk in the Stands

I went to a Browns game with my crew one time.. and our tickets turned out to be in the "Family Section," which is also the "Visitor's Section."

Why anyone in their right mind would want to subject their family members to Steelers' Fans (and also probably fans of rape and taking advantage of young girls) is beyond me.. If anything, the family section should be smack dab in the middle of the dawg pound.. hook 'em while they're young.

Anyways - the game I was at was the Green Bay game last year. Right in front of us was an uptight Packers fan and his three kids. Behind him, was Foz.

If you know Foz, then you know everything that followed. If you don't know Foz, I'll say he was hammered before the game started and immediately pissed off the Green Bay fan who was angry that a drunk showed up in the family/visitors section: "I paid a lot of money to have these seats, there should be no drinking in this section!" Okay, Green Bay fan, first of all these are the cheapest seats in the stadium, second of all, I wish that Foz would've done this to him:

Matt, I know you wanted an interesting take on this article, but all I can really say is "lol"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Roethlisberger Photo

Photo of Roethlisberger at the Steelers voluntary workouts.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Roethlisberger not charged, but he's still a jerk

Ben Roethlisberger was exonerated from a crime today; but the District Attorney in Georgia made it clear that some bad things happened. Reading between the lines, you can tell that the police found evidence that Roethlisberger took advantage of the girl in question, just not to an extent that he was guilty of a crime.

The DA said the girl was extremely intoxicated, there was 'DNA' on/in her, and Ben was seen following her down a hallway and into a bathroom. So, we all know what happened. This girl was completely drunk, agreed to have sex with Ben, and then became extremely emotional when realizing (or have to confess to friends) what happened. She ran to the police 'in hysterics' and said she was 'assaulted'.

Look, only a jerk takes advantage of some girl he barely knows like that. The DA said in this case 'we don't prosecute morals'. Clearly he knows what happened too, and is calling Big Ben a huge jerk in front of everyone.

The Steelers have quite a situation now. Their Super Bowl winning quarterback is a jerk, everyone now knows he's a jerk, and they have to try to sell his jersey and get fans to support him. At this point, I will have a hard time looking at Big Ben supporters and thinking nothing more than 'that person supports a-hole athletes that take advantage of women'. And truthfully, that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a Browns fan.

Rich Eisen runs the 40

Rich Eisen runs the 40, compared to other prospects

Anderson Silva is too good

He's bored. He's bored out of his mind with the UFC right now. That's my best guess. Last Sunday, in a fight he could have seemingly ended at any time he wanted, he let it go all the way the five round distance. The entire first two rounds, he begged Maia to attack him, and Maia wouldn't do it. Maia looked scared out of his mind fighting against Silva.

Silva doesn't seem to want to attack, he just wants to make you look stupid. And Maia didn't let him make him look stupid, (just very outmatched) so there was no fight. Silva needs an opponent who will attack him, or Dana White needs to throw him out because he's a dick. Which no one wants to see happen, and if they say they do they're lying.

Silva wanted Maia to attack so that Silva could just make him look like an idiot (like he did with Forrest Griffin and everyone else he's fought) and Maia never attacked. And when he did attack, Silva just shrugged him off instead of his usual quick beatdown for the win.

Silva desperately wants an opponent who can hang with him out there. George St Pierre will be that guy, but that's going to involve a weight class change for one of the two, and that never really has pretty results. At UFC 112, Silva was supposed to fight Vitor Belfort, who can throw roughly (and honestly) 5 punches a second, all solid and all connecting right on the mark. This could've been the best fight in years.. but Belfort needed surgery on his shoulder and we can only hope he's still as fast when he comes back. Belfort would've attacked. But Silva would've probably just made him look stupid.

Hopefully GSP attacks.

Here is Silva, destroying Rich Franklin's face.

Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards

Paraphrasing: "Steelers trade their troubled black player, Santonio Holmes. They Keep their troubled white player, Ben Roethlisberger." -Bill Simmons.

Haha. Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes together in NY. They'll both be in jail by kickoff. The Jets will implode.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Way back in the day.. 1994 to be exact. I watched the Indians regularly for the first time ever. They had a new stadium and my dad got some tickets and it was fun. So I kept watching them on TV. My only experience with sports up to this point was the WWE. And the Indians were pretty good that year. I remember my Grandpa was really excited because after...what 40-50 years (I'm not looking it up) the Indians were actually doing good.

Then they went on strike.. Season over. My Dad's tickets refunded. About six months later my Grandpa passes away and doesn't get to see the Indians succeed. Thanks Baseball.

Next season, they've still got all their players and they're supposed to be good again. And they were. They were really good. "100 wins" good. They get to the World Series and lose to Atlanta. Thanks Indians. I don't remember details, but I remember everyone complaining about our pitching. Whatever.

I don't remember 1996 at all. I was watching the nWo. Then I remember 1997 and Jose Mesa blowing the save, with the lead, in the bottom of the ninth. And then I think over the next couple of years they traded away every player I knew and that was that. Steve Austin time.

Nothing other than a couple of games at Jacob's Field every now and then until 2007. I hear Kenny Lofton is coming back. Holy shit. We're doing good and we're about to add someone I remember from ten years ago. Alright, I'm in. I start watching again. And they're kicking ass. I've got a new lineup of players I'm getting to know: Sizemore, Hafner, Garko, Blake, CC, Fausto, Cliff, The guy who pie'd the people during post game interviews, Wickman, Peralta and Lofton. That's a cool lineup of characters, no? John Cena takes a backseat now.

They make it to the playoffs. Bugs attack that New York pitcher and Fausto is unaffected. Awesome. Then they make it to the ALCS.. They get crushed by Boston in game one.. Then we beat them three games in a row. Then Boston comes back....series tied. And then in game seven we're getting killed, then we start to build momentum.. Then that third base coach puts up the stop sign on Kenny Lofton, ending all momentum. Lofton looked at him like he was a retard, probably told him so. No possible comeback, Boston wins. Then Boston CRUSHES Colorado, just like we would have. Thanks Third Base Coach.

Then, just like last time, the Indians trade away every player I just got to know. Sizemore stays.. Hafner stays.. The guy who spells his name wrong stays.. Wickman isn't doing somersaults anymore.. Lofton's gone again.. Blake and his sweet beard.. gone. CC and Cliff get traded away and they end up playing the World Series against each other.. Thanks management.

I just don't like Baseball as much as Basketball or Football. Or the WWE. And any time I DO try to like baseball I get shit on. So the first half of my Summer is the NFL Draft and the NBA Playoffs (Thank God they go on forever) and the second half of my Summer is the NBA Draft and the NFL Preseason. And if I'm lucky, the Summerslam lineup will look good. The Browns can suck all they want and I'll keep watching because I actually like football. I missed when the Browns were good. Wasn't old enough to care. And now I want to see them improve and become contenders. I'll watch just about any game of Football and just about any game of Basketball.. But I'll probably only start to watch the Indians again regularly if they're like 1 out away from winning a World Seri.......maybe not.


There is a Shadowman grabbing Sheed's junk.

Indians new style of play

I loved what I watched from the Indians yesterday. Especially from the 7th inning on, they demonstrated a new style of play that we never saw in 7 years with Eric Wedge.

Acta made a defensive substitution in the 7th (LaPorta was on base, and he pinch ran Marte, a better defensive 1st baseman) that came back to help Chris Perez save the game. Marte made an awesome stop on a hard hit ball with a man on base in the 9th inning.

Earlier in the 9th inning, Choo stole 2 bases and the Indians were able to secure an insurance run that probably made Perez breathe easier in his first closing attempt of the year. In the 8th inning, Acta wisely left Laffey in to get one left handed batter out, then brought Smith in to face the two righties to follow.

Most of this stuff we never saw from Wedge. Smart and aggressive base running, pitching match-ups that work, and a defensive substitution near the end of a close game. The young players will respond to this kind of intelligent managing.

I'm not saying the Indians will win the world series; but that was really nice to see yesterday.

Please watch the video below...I love those Old Spice commercials.

Old Spice

Housekeeping or Whatever

We are now officially

Tell everyone you know.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mock Draft

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are still scratching their heads trying to figure out who the Browns are going to pick. Their latest Mock Draft on ESPN had the Browns taking Dez Bryant or Dan Williams. Two names that for all intents and purposes have not even been whispered when discussing the Browns.

I like that a lot. I like that nobody knows who the Browns really want. Now, the reason those names came up is because they are projecting the top 6 picks to include Eric Berry; the player most people believe the Browns want. Personally I think the Browns could very likely trade down if Berry is taken early. They can go down a few spots (maybe someone wants Clausen really bad) and still draft either Joe Haden, another OL or a guy I like a lot, Rolando McClain. I want a big, bad-ass ILB on our team. Then they are back in the second round to have two shots at Colt McCoy.

I wish the Mock Drafts would predict trades, because you know there will be some. Plus, with the draft extending the 3 days, I'm betting there will be a ton of trades between the end of the first round, and the beginning of rounds 2 and 3 on Friday.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCAA Tournament Brackets

Ok, so I have some beef with anyone who sets up a bracket competition and only pays the 1st place finisher. Really people; if 50 sign up, you only pay one!!??

In most tournaments, of any kind, you reward the top three finishers. In most betting competitions (poker tournament, horse racing) you pay the top few finishers for their accomplishments. That's just logical. I was in two brackets this year, and mistakenly didn't ask how many people get paid; and in both of them, only 1st place was rewarded. I wouldn't have bothered playing in one of them had I known that was the case. You've got to at least throw a few bucks to the guy/girl who finished second.

As a disclaimer, I did not finish in the top two or three this year, so I'm not just venting as a reaction to that. Its just a point of logic for anyone who will ever set up a bracket going forward. The same also applies to Fantasy sports.

If you pay to play, reward more than one person.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Indians / Random

I don't watch the Indians unless I'm at Jaco..Progressive Field or they're in the playoffs, but all I know is they just lost their season opener six to nothing. I'm sure Mike will have something to say on the matter, but sports-wise, my Summer is filled with watching nothing more than highlights and reading about how the Browns draft picks are coming along. Like that Veikune guy, who might be good if he played at his natural position.

Same thing with Vernon Gholston and the Jets. Did they even try to start him at Defensive End or did they just let him fail as a Linebacker?

After the NBA finals are over, I've got nothing until the Browns start. Don't worry, it's only two months, I live.

Bold Statement: "If the Pats draft Tebow, the rest of the AFC East is screwed for the next decade." -James.

Friday, April 2, 2010

More on Browns Trade

First let me say that I also support this trade. We are improving the CB position without hoping a draft pick works out. We can still draft for the secondary and let them learn from Sheldon Brown, a good player. It also makes you wonder how early they'll decide to pick a QB now that they've upgraded the secondary.

But, I have a problem with this statement: "Hall was a seventh-round pick of the Browns in 2008 out of Division II St. Augustine's. He played in 14 games last season, mostly on special teams, and had 10 tackles. Hall never evolved into the fearsome pass-rusher that the Browns' previous regime hoped he would become." - Mary Kay Cabot (

Alex Hall was a 7th Round pick. There is no way they really expected him to be a 'fearsome' pass-rusher. First of all, he's only been in the league for 2 years and should have played more last year, but just didn't fit Rob Ryan's scheme. Hall showed lots of potential in 2008 at the end of the year; but Mary Kay must have forgotten that part. I think it's way too soon to make a statement like she did.

I'm not saying he'll make the Pro-Bowl; but he's going to provide some great value for a 7th Round pick.

Again, I don't care that the Browns traded Hall; I just think its too soon to be writing him off like that. We traded value for value; it was a fair trade. Stop trying to make it sound like the Browns 'won' in this trade.


Alex Hall, a fourth round, and a fifth round for CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong. I've never heard of Gocong before, but Shelton Brown is the guy who absolutely cleaned out Reggie Bush on that one screen pass where it looked like Bush wasn't ever going to get back up.

I support this.. Sheldon Brown is good. And anything out of Gocong will be bonus.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Madden 010

It's pretty much Friday, that means I'm going to say something about Madden 010. I like the game, but it's because I have no choice. There are no other NFL games out there, and no other remotely good football games out there. Backbreaker is coming in May, but that is yet to be seen.

Until then, I'm stuck with absolute shit like this:

The selected play was an all out blitz. Everyone blitzes, the two safteys and a corner go deep. Watch what D'Qwell Jackson does on the play, once he has his eyes locked on Drew Brees.

I've never EVER seen this happen on a Sunday. But I guess it does, because as EA Sports says "if it's in the game it's in the game."

Then for bonus, check out the Marshall Cornerback in NCAA Football 010:



You beat me to Shaun Rogers... but little do you know is I have the photograph!!

Shaun Rogers Arrested

Apparently we haven't learned anything from Gilbert Arenas or Plaxico Burress. Leave the guns at home, and hire a body guard. Or, if you're as big as Rogers, just don't worry about it, nobody's going to mess with you.