Monday, April 12, 2010

Anderson Silva is too good

He's bored. He's bored out of his mind with the UFC right now. That's my best guess. Last Sunday, in a fight he could have seemingly ended at any time he wanted, he let it go all the way the five round distance. The entire first two rounds, he begged Maia to attack him, and Maia wouldn't do it. Maia looked scared out of his mind fighting against Silva.

Silva doesn't seem to want to attack, he just wants to make you look stupid. And Maia didn't let him make him look stupid, (just very outmatched) so there was no fight. Silva needs an opponent who will attack him, or Dana White needs to throw him out because he's a dick. Which no one wants to see happen, and if they say they do they're lying.

Silva wanted Maia to attack so that Silva could just make him look like an idiot (like he did with Forrest Griffin and everyone else he's fought) and Maia never attacked. And when he did attack, Silva just shrugged him off instead of his usual quick beatdown for the win.

Silva desperately wants an opponent who can hang with him out there. George St Pierre will be that guy, but that's going to involve a weight class change for one of the two, and that never really has pretty results. At UFC 112, Silva was supposed to fight Vitor Belfort, who can throw roughly (and honestly) 5 punches a second, all solid and all connecting right on the mark. This could've been the best fight in years.. but Belfort needed surgery on his shoulder and we can only hope he's still as fast when he comes back. Belfort would've attacked. But Silva would've probably just made him look stupid.

Hopefully GSP attacks.

Here is Silva, destroying Rich Franklin's face.

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