Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Other Leagues Overtime

NFL- weird new sudden death taking much credibility away from the kickers
MLB - a full inning, if still tied, another full inning...etc..
NBA - 5 minute overtime period. If still tied, another overtime period.
NHL - Sudden death overtime period. If still tied, shootout.
MLS/all soccer - 2 15 minute overtime periods. Not sudden death (i don't think). Shootout if still tied
College Football - each team starts at opposing 25 yd line. Each gets an opportunity to score.
College Basketball - 5 minute overtime period...still tied, another overtime.

So NFL and NHL are the only ones that use sudden death. I get it, they are a contact sport and injury risks are there. But really, how many injuries happen in overtime? Seems like the most universally accepted option is another full 'period' and then consider sudden death.


  1. You didn't mention the rule for curling. I'm just sayin...

  2. Donovan McNabb didn't even know that the game could end in a tie.

  3. By the way... Hockey ending with a shoot out and then the point system where each team gets a point instead of 2 for winning out right... its the whole "everyone is a winner and there are no loosers" mentality applied to people who play games for their job... arggg!!!