Monday, March 22, 2010

Cleveland Title

I might be the only one in Cleveland that feels this way, but probably not.

I'll be exceptionally happy if the Cavs win the Championship this year; however, I do believe that the celebration will be milder than if the Browns or even Indians won a title first. It will be a huge celebration, and I'll probably be involved. But I just think the history is deeper with the other franchises and it would mean a lot more to the city if one of the other franchises won first.

Now, that being said. I also came to the realization that our situation could be like Boston. Boston is a baseball town, always has been, always will be. (slight Bret Hart reference) Boston won many titles in basketball and a few in football before the Red Sox won the World Series in '04. But the celebration in '04 was much bigger than the Celtics or Patriots had. The Red Sox meant more to the city and their sports psyche than did the other teams.

So even if the Cavs win this year (and I hope they do), the celebration should not take away from the celebration if the Browns or Indians ever win a title in my lifetime.


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  2. Couldn't agree with you more Mike!

  3. If the Cavs win I will be absolutely thrilled and will celebrate for years. If this Cavs team wins the championship, with the hometown hero as their leader, this is a better story than just about anything the Indians or Browns could come up with...

    Is there even a player in the MLB who is from Cleveland/this area? I don't follow baseball.

    I think at this point, the only way the Browns match this is if Troy Smith wins a Superbowl with the Browns, haha. Am I missing anything obvious with this claim? I guess Roethlisberger could come back to Ohio, but then he'd probably rape somebody and get released anyways. Roethlisberger is from Lima, OH. And Lima is where Al Snow was from. And Al Snow was retarded. This can't mean anything other than Roethlisberger is retarded.

    Anyways.. So yeah, I'll be celebrating like mad if the Cavs win, and I dont think the celebration would be any less meaningful than if the Indians or Browns won it all. They've been around long enough. If the Gladiators won the Arena Football Championship, then we wouldn't care as much.