Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Indians fast start

Don't get overly excited if the Indians jump out to a fast start. They have the second best record in the Cactus League right now, but statistics have proven that spring training records mean nothing.

I'm not saying their won't be exciting moments with the young team they bring up. But even if they start strong, (and I actually suspect they will because the young players will be hungry to prove themselves) always remember 2002. The Tribe started 11-1 in a 'rebuilding year'; but couldn't get out of April with a winning record. (13-13)

Fausto, Masterson, and Westbrook look good; but I can't see the rotation holding up over the long season. If Westbrook looks anything like he did right before he got hurt in 2008, the team will trade him faster than Tiger on a .... ok, you get the point.

I just don't want to hear/read stuff about the Indians if they start off doing well. Just be quite and let finish the year under the radar, and likely under .500.

(Happy Birthday Steve!!)

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