Friday, March 26, 2010

Enough about the old QBs

The Broncos sent two draft picks and fullback Peyton Hillis to Cleveland for Brady Quinn and a free subscription of Men's Health magazine. -

I know that the thing to do in Cleveland is sit around a grill and talk about how good a player became with another team, or why we shouldn't have traded someone.

But really, how many times in the last ten years have the Browns gotten rid of someone that turned out to burn them? The fact is, in the last ten years, the Browns have had horrible talent and nobody went on to bigger and better things. So forget about Quinn and Anderson, and lets move forward with the hopes of trading away some more bad players.

The Indians are a completely different story..we won't go there.

So for now, I'll remain an optimist and say that our QB situation is a little better than last year. And as Dr. Leo Marvin said, "Baby Steps".


  1. i'll find someone.... you just wait.

  2. Gerrard Warren to the Rai... no..

    Kelly Holcomb to the Bi.... no..

    Courtney Brown to the Bron... no..

    Kevin Johnson to the Jagu... no..

    Quincy Morgan to the Cowb... no..

    Charlie Frye to the Seah... no..

    Andre Davis to the Texans..? This one's a possibility.