Tuesday, January 3, 2012

San Francisco Browns

OK, let's try to figure out what the 49ers did, and how the Cleveland Browns can do EXACTLY THAT to improve. Last year, the 49ers were 6-10. The Browns were 5-11. Very comparable. The 49ers have had over 6 years of QB instability. Very comparable. The 49ers have had a bunch of coaches who at times have showed flashes of possible greatness, but overall sucked. Very comparable.

Let's see what they did:

They got rid of Brian Westbrook, who was just backing up Gore. Troy Smith left. David Carr was cut. Nate Clements was cut. They brought in Donte Whitner and Braylon Edwards. Edwards battled injury and shittiness throughout the season and was cut half way through. They brought back Alex Smith, which was a real head scratcher. This would be like the Browns sticking with Charlie Frye or something. They fired Mike Singletary and hired a new coach.

They had a ton of draft picks, they used them to add ten players. Their first round pick was Rookie of the Month in October and he set a 49ers record for Most Sacks in a Season by a Rookie. Their second pick was a QB, possibly Alex Smith's backup or third string. They got a CB who didn't do much but played in all games. They got Kendal Hunter, backing up Frank Gore. They got a Guard from Appalachian State, he only played in one game. They got Ronald Johnson from USC, but he was released in September. They got a Saftey who did nothing of note. They got a Fullback who started half the games this season. They got a tackle who didn't play. They got a CB who went on IR before the season started.

So, it looks like they clearly didn't do it with the draft. They picked up a good DE with their first pick and then there's not much of note after that. They clearly didn't do it with Free Agency.. They KEPT their shitty QB who now looks great.

What the hell did they do?

They brought in an former NFL QB and offensive minded college coach. That's all they did. There's absolutely nothing else of note.


The Cleveland Browns, on the other hand.. Do not know who Jim Harbaugh is. We went with the Offensive Coordinator from a 7-9 team to be our Head Coach. We brought him in mainly because of his experience with a young QB.

Jim Harbaugh didn't have enough experience coaching young QBs.


If you didn't think that last joke was funny, Jim Harbaugh was an NFL QB for a long time, and he coached Andrew Luck, the QB projected to be the most NFL-ready QB in history.


Lerner should sell the team to Los Angeles. Someone else can try again here in four years. As usual, I give up. There is probably no hope for this team and I just don't get why. But I want them to stick with this idiot for a while, because consistency is probably important to a coaching staff (unless you're the 2011-12 49ers, or the 2011-12 Eagles). I just don't get it, how one organization can be so consistently bad and it just never changes. We still fumble snaps, handoffs, make stupid decisions during the 2 minute offense. Draft QBs who can't see the field, WRs who can't get open..

Honestly, the moment this franchise went wrong? When that f'ing idiot Butch Davis let all those players go in the 2003 off season. Had we brought all those idiot-savant players back from our one playoff year, with Kelly Holcomb as the starter, how different would things be? We should've traded Couch right there on the spot, went with Holcomb, and brought back all five of those WRs, William Green, Terrell Smith, Chris Gardocki, and everyone else we let go that Off-Season. You know how many times Jim Donovan would be yelling "Run William Run!" We never would've had the Jeff Garcia fiasco, we wouldn't have wasted a draft pick on Charlie Frye.. Maybe Brady Quinn is brought in to be his backup haha, and we don't have to trade a first round pick to get him. You could easily re-write an entire history based on that particular off-season.

Hindsight and all, obviously. But imagine if after the 2005 season ended, we offered Drew Brees a monster contract to come up here? You KNOW that someone said to Phil Savage: "Hey, why don't we make Drew Brees an offer?" and Phil Savage said: "We're set with Charlie Frye, Ken Dorsey and Derek Anderson. We'll be alright." Phil Savage is a fucking idiot. A Fucking Idiot.

I digress. Anyways, yeah I don't know what the hell they do. Maybe with a true off-season they'll go 8-8 next year. And then 10-6 next next year under Shurmur, who knows. But man, it does NOT look promising....

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