Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Mike, what is your new email address? I've been emailing the Case address like an idiot for the past week and you have not been answering. (Which I now understand.) Here are the two most recent things I've sent you. Yesterday I sent this:

"i hate knowing that part of what we pay for for espn insider is mel kiper."

Then today I sent you this:

"So after that, there's going to be a college football playoff, right?

Like, there's no way they can still justify this system, yes?

LSU is 13-1, Alabama is 12-1, Oklahoma State is 12-1. Boise State is 12-1 but they don't count.

LSU beats Alabama in a crappy game back in November.

LSU vs Alabama picked to be the national championship game? They just played. LSU already won.

Seriously, how retarded is this:

2016 NFL Season:

Green Bay 14-2
Atlanta 14-2
Philadelphia 13-3
San Francisco 12-4
Detroit 10-6 (at large)
New Orleans 10-6 (at large)

Indianapolis 16-0
Cincinatti 15-1
New England 11-5
Cleveland 10-6 (at large)
Pittsburgh 9-7 (has tie breaker over Baltimore, voted by the coaches) (at large)
Denver 6-10 (won division... Tebow, man.)

Dallas 8-8 (automatic qualifier to any NFL post-season, Jerry Jones splits them from the NFC East)
Baltimore 9-7 (at large)

So the NFL post season would look like this:

NFL Championship, The Allstate Super Bowl: Green Bay vs Indy (but what about Cinci and Atlanta?)
Cream Cheese Bowl: Phily vs Cinci (the prestigious, traditional NFC East v AFC North game)
Bad Newz Kennelz Bowl: Atlanta vs New England
Alcatraz Bowl: San Francisco vs Denver
Blue Collar Bowl: Detroit vs Pittsburgh
Art Modell Bowl: Cleveland vs Baltimore (Loser leaves the NFL)
Jerry Jones Bowl: Dallas vs New Orleans"

And now I wonder why this wasn't just an elaborate blog post in the first place.

Ok, thanks. Let me know about that email address.

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