Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Scout does not support PIPA/SOPA.

However, since this is just a google blog, we can't figure out how to take it down for today.

The two people responsible for these two bills have no idea how the internet works, and what they have written is going to have many unintended consequences. I can only assume they're sitting back going, "No, this is fine. We don't need all that technical mumbo-jumbo in there."

Seriously, here's the most insulting piece of the SOPA bill, paraphrased: "A domestic site is a site defined as having a commonly used extension, such as .com, .net, .org, etc. And a foreign site is a site defined as not being a domestic site." Now, what's funny about this is there's one popular pirating site called Which is an overseas, protected from the US website DEDICATED to illegally hosting media. But according to SOPA, that's a domestic site.


This would be like (and please believe me, this is just a stupid example) say we made it illegal for black people to say.. shop on Our bill defined white people as people with light skin complexion. And Black people as "Not White People."

Therefore, an Asian person is Black. How stupid is that?? THAT is exactly how this bill is written, but in regards to websites.

And here's the goal: So that Hollywood studios can directly shut down sites like YouTube/Facebook/etc when they notice that someone has posted a funny movie clip without their permission. Or so that the music industry can have YouTube shut down if they notice someone put a Lady Gaga song in the background of their stupid birthday party video.

It's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous.

The people who drafted this bill want to see an internet where you can't post comments, have forums, share videos, or input any sort of content whatsoever; because it MIGHT be copyright infringement.

With these bills, the NFL could go after Mike and I for talking about a Browns game.

Imagine if our physical world operated like the internet once this bill is in place: Say you're walking out of a movie theater and you say to your friend, "That movie really sucked." And he says, "Yeah, why on Earth did we go see the Rock'em Sock'em Robots movie??" Immediately after that a cop ran up and shot you because you just talked about the movie, and it was in a negative way.

These bills would allow a Hollywood studio to tell The Government to shut down a website because they spoke badly about an upcoming film.

Would they ever do that? I think that would be suicide to have that kind of press. Oh, but then they could just have the news sites be shut down as well, because the bill doesn't have anything in it to prevent abuse.

If you want to stop piracy, how about this novel idea: GO AFTER THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING IT!!! Not the very essence of the internet!!! Put pressure on whatever country hosts the god damn piratebay to get it shut down! Keep fining the shit out of people who bring cameras into the theaters! But don't block facebook because someone put up a link to the piratebay on it!

Anyways.... OK back to sports.

If the Browns take RG3 they're stupid. That's not a knock on RG3 at all. The Browns need to stick with Colt McCoy and get him a fantastic Wide Receiver. Colt + Justin Blackmon + Cribbs is 100% better than RG3 + Cribbs + Massaquoi. End of discussion.

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