Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do the Browns really need a Franchise QB

Let's look at teams with a Franchise QB in 2011 versus those that don't.  Based on records and minor amateur analysis.

NFC                 W-L  QB  (Franchise?)
*Green Bay        15-1  Aaron Rodgers (YES!)
*New Orleans     13-3  Drew Brees  (YES!)
*San Francisco   13-3  Alex Smith (Eh? leaning toward no)
*NY Giants       10-6  Eli Manning (Yes)
*Atlanta              10-6  Matt Ryan  (Yes)
*Detroit               10-6  Matt Stafford  (Yes)
Arizona              8-8   Kevin Kolb (No/not yet)
Chicago              8-8   Jay Cutler  (Yes)
Philadelphia        8-8   Michael Vick (Eh? I guess)
Dallas                8-8   Tony Romo  (Yes, but fading)
Seattle               7-9   Tavaris Jackson (NO)
Carolina             6-10  Cam Newton (Maybe...i'm sorry but its too early to say yes, I don't care how well he played this year)
Washington       5-11   Grossman/Beck (NO)
Tampa Bay        4-12   Josh Freeman  (probably not, but maybe)
Minnesota          3-13   Christian Ponder (maybe, too early to tell but not as good as Newton)
St. Louis            2-14   Sam Bradford  (Yes)

*New England      13-3  Tom Brady (YES!)
*Baltimore           12-4  Joe Flacco (Eh...sorry, I'm not buying it)
*Pittsburgh           12-4  Big Ben (Yes...reluctantly)
*Houston             10-6  Matt Schaub (Yes)
*Cincinnati           9-7   Andy Dalton (Too early to tell, but looks promising)
Tennessee         9-7   Hasselbeck/Locker  (good so far, but we don't know about Locker yet)
*Denver                8-8  Tim Tebow (No)
NY Jets              8-8  Mark Sanchez (i'm not buying it)
San Diego          8-8  Phillip Rivers  (Yes)
Oakland             8-8  Carson Palmer (yes, for the next 4 years or so)
Kansas City        7-9  Matt Cassel (eh?)
Miami                6-10  Chad Henne (no)
Buffalo               6-10  Ryan Fitzpatrick (impressive start, but no)
Jacksonville       5-11   Blaine Gabbert (too early to tell, but not a great start)
Cleveland            4-12  Colt McCoy (unfortunately its not looking good)
Indianapolis         2-14  Peyton Manning (if healthy, yes of course)

* denotes playoff team.

So on a quick look, less than half the teams in the league have their 'franchise' Quarterback.  So I guess my first impression of those results is that it's not as easy to get your 'franchise' QB as it might seem.  But, 12 of the 14 were first round picks, so you probably do have to draft your guy in the first round.  Sure, there are good QBs who were not first rounders, but the evidence is that your best chance for success to do it that way.

The Browns are 1-1 on drafting a QB in the first round.  I say that Couch was a success because he was good and I believe would have been good on a better team if he wasn't getting his brain beaten in every sunday.  Brady Quinn was clearly a failed pick.  But we've only done it twice since 1999, so maybe it is time for another 1st round quarterback.  The problem is, I'm nervous about RG3.  His style could be the next Cam Newton, but it could also be the next Vince Young.

Again, I would rather go another year with Colt and draft talent around him.  This way you have a good team established when you can pluck a 1st round pick and drop them in a good situations.  On the contrary, there are a lot of QBs in this year's draft that have 1st round talent, and maybe its worth a look at one of them since I can't think of one QB who is going to come out next year.  (oh yea, Matt Barkley, but he'll be the first pick overall and we better not be in that position next year)

Enough for now.

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