Monday, October 3, 2011

Browns Lost to Titans

I was at this game, and man was it frustrating. But honestly, it seems like in this game they were just experimenting on Offense. I don't know WHAT the defense was doing, but the Offense was just trying things. It seemed like they were testing out plays in a live environment as opposed to running plays they had a good idea would work. On 4th and 1, is that the time to try the mis-direction toss to Smith? The guy who has had two carries so far this season? Was this game their test to see how well Hardesty would do if given plenty of opportunities?

It never felt like they were really trying to win it, but rather testing themselves out. Again though, I don't know what that defense was doing. T.J. Ward is better than letting a TE get 10 yards ahead of him for a wide open endzone toss. Usama Young is better than trying to tackle a TE when a simple shove out of bounds would've sufficed. Joe Haden didn't seem to do much, but maybe that's because QBs are already throwing to the opposite side of the field.

BUT.. on the other hand, Colt McCoy set both the completions and attempts record for a Browns QB. That's nice.

Revised Season Prediction: 6-10. Possibly tied for last with Pittsburgh??

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