Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hardesty, upon further review

After finishing watching the Browns game again on DVR, I come to a conclusion that I was unsure about earlier.  Montario Hardesty looks pretty good.  You cannot just look at his stats for the game (14 car/67 yds and 3 rec/19 yds) and make sense of his impact.  Hardesty runs hard, quick and finds the holes that were opened by the line.  Hardesty's stats would have been more like 14 car/90 yds if the line would have opened a few holes on about 5 of his runs.  Other than those few 0 and 1 yd runs, he moved the ball very well on the dolphins; eating up large chunks of yardage.  This should be fun to watch with Hillis and Hardesty in the backfield now.  Give Shurmur a little bit of time to figure this out, but between Hillis, Hardesty, and McCoy you have 3 different and fun running threats to work with.  And that's not even considering an end around to Cribbs!

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