Monday, October 17, 2011

New Coaches in 2010 and 2011

Just for some perspective on Pat Shurmer, here are some records of new coaches in the NFL in 2011 and in 2010.  I know its painful Browns' fans, but it way too hard to judge after 5 games.

New Coaches 2010:   thru 6 wks      Final record     thru 6 wks 2011
Buffalo                        0-5                 4-12                       4-2                      
Oakland                      2-4                 8-8                        4-2
St. Louis                     3-3                 7-9                         0-5 (they lost pat shurmer on offense)
Detroit                        1-5                 6-10                       5-1
Washington                 3-3                 6-10                       3-2
Tampa Bay                 3-2                 10-6                        4-2
Seattle                        3-2                 7-9                         2-3

New Coaches 2011:  thru 6 wks
San Francisco             5-1
Dallas                         2-3
Minnesota                  1-5
Carolina                     1-5
Tennessee                   3-2
Denver                       1-4
Cleveland                   2-3

So, after all this, to me its clear that you just can't judge after 5 games in the first season.  Look at Buffalo and Detroit; they didn't jump ship after last year's bad start and they were rewarded for it.  Yes, a San Francisco will always break the rules by having a great start in the first year...but that by far is always the exception and not the rule.  Everyone wanted to compare St. Louis's turnaround last year to the Browns and show what a 'franchise' QB can do for a team.  Well, they lost their offensive mind in Pat Shurmer, and they are 0-5 this year with an anemic offense.  Even with the 'franchise' QB.

We just have to give it some more time.  I'm as frustrated as anyone watching Peyton Hillis stand on the sidelines, but lets just have this all play out before we carry our torches to 76 Lou Groza Blvd.

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