Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Fix the NBA Lockout

The NBA has about 450 players. 30 of them are really good. 15 of them are really really good. 5 of them are absolutely super-humanly good. So that leaves 400 good players. Is there THAT much of a difference between that 400 and the next 400..? I bet there's not....

So.. I propose the following steps to the owners to immediately end this lockout:

1) "Freeze" all existing contracts. None of them count on the books, none of them are to be paid any further. They will just pause. None of these players will count towards your rosters.

2) Hold open tryouts to get 15 new players on each team. Pay them the money that the "real" NBA players should be getting.

3) Give the "real" NBA players the middle finger.

4) Lower ticket prices drastically (You're paying the players much less now anyways) and start the season as soon as possible.

5) Create a new structure where the NBA is the true "Boss" and all the players will be "Employees" just like the rest of the world. Each "Owner" can become a "Regional Manager-Like" figure who can do whatever they want with their team. And whenever one of the players is ready to return to reality, they can join the new system and resume their contract.

6) Give the "real" NBA players the middle finger.

7) Wait for the "real" players to come crawling back.

8) Problem Solved.

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