Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Madden 011 Ratings

The Player Ratings for the teams have been released for Madden 011.. And I must say, through no fault of the Cleveland Browns, this is the least excited I've been for a football game since I started playing Madden. Backbreaker is why. The next game I'm looking forward to is Backbreaker 2, or whatever it will be called. I just hope it has support.

Anyways. The Madden 011 ratings:

Ben Watson is our best receiver at 78. Cribbs is tied with him. Cribbs does have a 90some Swagger rating, which means god knows what. I'll assume something about deodorant. Perhaps part of the training regime we'll have to come up with involves using Old Spice? Our rookie, Carlton Mitchell is not in the game.

Backs: Vickers is an 88. Harrison is an 83. Hardesty is a 74. That's fine.

Quarterbacks: Delhomme is a 74, Wallace is a 73, McCoy is a 71. These are the exact same set of numbers Frye, Anderson, and Quinn got back in 2007.

Guards: Joe Thomas is a 95, Steinbach is a 91. Mack is an 87.

Linebackers: D'qwell is an 85, Everyone else is in the 70s, and the Hawaiians are in the 60s.

Linemen: Rogers is a 93, everyone else is in the 70s.

Corners: Brown and Wright are in the upper 80s, Haden's in the upper 70s.

The player on our team with the most Swagger is Josh Cribbs. Something tells me that this rating is going to be important, and that's retarded. The first time I see a player score a touchdown, and then put on deodorant in the endzone, I will immediately return this game and wish hell upon the developers.

Maybe Swagger means how much they're able to avoid suction blocking on the field?

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