Monday, July 19, 2010

Changes to MLB

Since the Indians are on a 4 game winning streak...I'll post some thoughts on Major League Baseball.

If I were commissioner of the league, here are some immediate changes I would make:

  1. Change the All-Star game back to a true exhibition game. The fact that it determines the home field in the World Series is the worst idea in sports. Home field in the WS is determined by best regular season record...period!
  2. Get rid of Interleague play. At least on the general level. I could be okay with 1 to 2 series and that's it. Play the geographic rivals (Mets v Yankees/Indians v Red/Cubs v White Sox). Those are interesting to fans...nothing else is. Get the schedule evened out again.
  3. Add instant replay to calls on the bases. It doesn't take too long to look at a monitor and figure that out. But add one challenge per team so it doesn't get out of control. Keep balls and strikes called by the ump.
  4. Fix the divisions. Why does the American League have 15 teams and the National League has 17 teams?? So here's how i'd do it.
  • Move the Houston Astros to the AL West, making that 5 teams and creating a nice rivalry with the Texas Rangers. That evens the leagues, but I'd still make the next change just to keep things interesting for rivalry aspects.
  • Move the Kansas City Royals into the NL Central to compete with some teams closer to home. This might hurt because they'd lose the DH, but it hasn't worked for them so see if this can change things at all.
  • Move the Pittsburgh Pirates into the AL Central and give them a DH so they can try to turn their franchise around
I'd also start considering evening out the leagues again by either getting rid of the DH all together, or adding it to the NL. Then we can start discussing the salary cap. It's a necessary evil in baseball. I didn't include the salary in the above numbers because this will be the hardest thing to get past the owner.

The next commissioner needs to be a 'non-owner'. Bud Selig was a former owner and he is just too invested in the owners of baseball and not the fans. The fans pay the bills in the long run, make them happy.

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