Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lay off the Browns WRs

Stop telling me the Wide Receivers are the weakest part of the Browns team. I'm tired of hearing it. I'm not suggesting their good, I'm suggesting they're a completely overrated part of a football team.

Sure, every team wants the WRs that have freakish physical abilities; but those players also come with freakish attitudes. More importantly, the team the wins the Super Bowl every single year, does not always have the best WRs in the game. In fact, its almost always the complete opposite.

Look at past Super Bowl winning teams. The New England Patriots had absolute nobodies as their WRs, and won three times! The Saints had good ones, not great ones. Who did the Ravens have in 2000?? The Steelers have had good (not great; although Ward borders on great) WRs, the Giants had 1 good (not great) WR and a couple average ones. Sure, the Colts had great WRs and so did the Rams. But come one, it really is the exception more than the rule.

My point is, we can win 8 games this year with me as a WR if the rest of the team is improved. WRs are very dependent on the QB anyways, so the real focus here should be the QBs or more probably the defense. Defense has proven to win championships far more than the prima donnas known as Wide Receivers.

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