Monday, July 12, 2010

LeBron: Go F Yourself

I know this is so last week, but here's my take on LeBron.

"I feel like we saw a different person from the playoffs on, and a really different person this past week." -My dad. And he's exactly right. It's now painfully obvious that LeBron quit in the playoffs. And I think I was the only one who stuck up for him, saying things like, "His elbow has to be destroyed," or "It's probably killing him to lift his arm up and now he's trying to run things from the court." It's now crystal clear that he didn't want to be there and was done with the Cavs. His mind was somewhere else. It could very well have been on the thought of teaming with Wade and Bosh in Miami, since Bosh let it slip a couple days ago that they've been talking about this "for months" then later in the interview switched it to "for days."

Or maybe it was about Delonte and Gloria? Someone I know ran into a certain Cavs player's bodyguard and asked straight up if the Delonte - LeBron's mom thing was true. The bodyguard said "It is absolutely true." This was back in May. When LeBron was standing around, doing nothing in the Boston series, was he too busy keeping an eye on his mom and making sure Delonte was still on the bench? LeBron probably went to the Cavs, said "Get this guy out of here," and they probably said no. "No, we're trying to win a championship."

I guess its obvious LeBron never cared about this city, and I don't think he has a clue about what he just did. In his mind, I think he just switched teams. He's clearly never heard about "The Drive" or "The Fumble".. So he goes and calls his show, "The Decision." But I don't think that's worthy to add to our list. This was manufactured. The others were just bad luck. Hopefully there's some sort of karma here, where manufacturing our latest heartbreak breaks the curse and this follows you to Miami.

LeBron, I'd rather see Boston and LA win the next 10 titles than to see you win one after this. You took the easy way out and I hope it backfires in every possible way. I hope your elbow is f*cked. I hope you go down in history as another Scottie Pippen. LePippen. Nothing against Pippen when I say this, but LeBron, you're now the guy who couldn't get it done. You had to go run to your friends and form a super group. I'll give you credit that this clearly isn't about the money for you. You left a lot of Cavs' money on the table to do this. So I know this IS all about winning a championship for you. But in the process, you've also just killed your legacy. You could've been a legend here, and that would've translated to a legend world-wide. You could've done an incredible thing for this city. You could've broken our curse. How long did it take your idol Jordan to win his championships? Seven years. That's exactly how long you stayed with the Cavs. So what, you were a year off. Well, maybe we finally had a team around you that could get it done. BUT, they couldn't get it done without you. Maybe that six year, max deal with the Cavs, and a bit more work with the roster would've given you your six championships? We'll never know, because you turned out to be the least classy person in the NBA. I hate you more than Boozer. I hate you more than Rasheed Wallace. More than Paul Pierce, More than Ray Allen, More than Rondo. I hope your little experiment fails and you three ass clowns become the laughing stock of the NBA for creating a freak show. Have fun knowing that you went from future legend to sidekick, and in the process you stabbed an entire city in the back.

How simple would it have been to quietly let the Cavs know you were leaving them, thanking the fans for all their support, letting us know we meant so much to you. Instead, you go with "The Decision." One hour, prime time, on ESPN. I was holding out hope that this whole production was so that everyone in Cleveland could hear something along the lines of, "I messed up last season, my mind was in other places, my elbow was hurting, and I'm sorry I let you all down. I will be back next season, and for several seasons after that and we will get it done."

Instead, we get a heartless, soulless interview, ending with "I'm going to the Miami Heat."

F*ck You, you out of touch, immature, piece of sh*t. I hope you take this curse with you, you arrogant asshole. You know who's always going to have more rings than you, and thus will go down in history as being better than you? Dwyane Wade. You alright with going down in history as being second best to Dwyane Wade? But I honestly hope that you go your entire NBA career without a single championship and you go down in history as the guy who tried to take the easy way out. And now I hope the Cavs get the job done without you. Now the championship will be even sweeter. And we have a half decent team right now without you. We've got a good core. We keep the right people, trade the right people, and we'll still be competitive.

I've got nothing left to say about LeBron, it's all right here. So I'll close this with my overall feelings on the matter: Go F*ck Yourself, way to steal Mario Chalmers' number, you c*cksucker.


  1. all u cavs fans stop crying like a little b**tch he gave u 7 years of his life and u pu**ys put no team around him a great player on a crappy pu**y team fck clevland and fck clevland fans the king can do what ever he want

  2. He took the easy way out. It's that simple. And in the process, he went on national TV and buried an entire city.

    Also, periods.. you know, these things - "." They were invented so that people don't sound like complete retards when they type.