Saturday, July 31, 2010


So let me get this straight. We traded away more players.. and they were all for "players to be named" and or cash. Now, I have no idea what goes on in baseball, but to an average fan, or someone who just checks the scores and knows some of the players on the team, and is happy when they hear that they won, etc.. Jesus Christ. It seems like the management or owners of the Indians are.. jackasses. I get that "prospects" are about the equivalent of "nfl draft picks" but.. my god. Is this not the equivalent of say... The Boston Celtics losing 10 games in a row, and their reaction is to trade KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, (but they would keep Rondo) and all they got back are draft picks?

How can the Indians expect anyone to care about the team? This makes no sense to me. We're clearly NOT TRYING TO WIN. Yes? If we trade away a player the second he shows a sign of life, how do they stand a chance? Someone explain this to me because I must be an idiot.

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