Monday, September 12, 2011

Browns Lose to Bengals

So...alright, this one sucked. Bad. This one was really bad, because for once everyone in the world was calling it for the Browns. We're actually the more experienced team for once in the match-up. We have the more experienced QB for once. Our RB didn't get out of jail five days ago. Our WR is a Cleveland hero, not a rookie. Our defense is healthy for once...

On Offense, we start the game like a first year expansion team, as usual. But then things start to turn around a little. Colt starts making some nice throws. Hillis never really gets going. Then, back to the expansion team.

On Defense, we start the game like a first year expansion team, as usual. But then things REALLY start to turn around. Joe Haden is all over anything thrown his way. We're making tackles, we're kind of stopping the run. We're getting pressure on Dalton to the point where we knock him out of the game.

Then, Cinci gets off an illegal snap (they substituted, the referee should've been standing over the ball until Cleveland was ready) and Bruce Gradkowski of all people hits a wide open AJ Green for his first touchdown. Awesome. Great job, guys.

Then...we can't do anything. Then we force a three and out. Then...we can't do anything. And the Cinci Defense isn't Superbowl caliber.. Based on this game, here's my predictions for the rest of the season:

vs. Indy:
Peyton Manning is out. Kerry Collins is in. The Colts are TERRIBLE without Manning. I predict that Kerry Collins pulls off some late game heroics and beats the Browns 21-20.

vs. Miami:
I know nothing about Miami, except that Reggie Bush will have over 200 yards rushing in this game. Colt will be picked off three times (all tipped passes). Miami wins 35-28.

vs. Titans:
We should easily be able to beat the Titans, so we won't. Titans win 5-3.

vs. Oakland:
Our first win of the season. 35-7.

vs. Seattle:
Our second win of the season. 42-14.

vs. SF:
Our third win of the season. 17-14.

vs. Houston:
We lose this one. This one might be 35-0.

vs. The Rams:
Not sure about this one. I feel like we can win it, but they wont. Or maybe they will. Final score 17-14, not sure which team has which score.

vs. Jax:
Is Luke McGown still the QB there? Browns win, 14-3.

vs. Cinci:
Browns obviously will look for revenge. They'll get it. Cinci is horrible. By now, Dalton will be on IR and Cedric Benson will be back in jail. 35-14 Cleveland.

vs. Baltimore:
Oh god.

vs. Pittsburgh:
Pittsburgh wins 3-0.

vs. Arizona:
Arizona wins 35-0.

vs. Baltimore:
Oh god.

vs. Pittsburgh:
Pittsburgh wins 13-10.

Final Record: 5-11. As usual.

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