Monday, September 26, 2011

Browns Defeat the Dolphins

In what looked like another "All is Lost" game, Colt McCoy comes up with two huge drives, with Touchdowns in the exact same spot in the end zone. The first to Cribbs, the second to Massaquoi. No Peyton Hillis in this one either. Hardesty looked good. Hardesty had the clutch catch and run on 4th down that kept us in this game. Colt and Massaquoi won it, but Hardesty got us there. It seems like so many other times the Browns drop that easy pass on fourth down. Last Sunday, they got it done. The Browns are at 2-1 for the first time in what seems like forever...I think it was 2002? They're second place in the AFC North for the first time since Derek Anderson.

The Bengals haven't managed to do anything since they beat us, had we had more of a clue in that game we would be 3-0 right now, and only one of two undefeated teams in the AFC.

So here's what's left of the season and my revised thoughts after three games:

We have Tennessee next. They lost to Jacksonville, then beat The Ravens and The Broncos. This could turn out to be a tough game. I think the Browns can take it though, about 17-14. Chris Johnson will run all over us, but when they start throwing, I think we'll be able to stop them.

Then its Oakland. Another team that looks better now. This one could also go either way, as we usually have trouble with Oakland. Another 21-20ish game, could go either way. My guess is that the last play will be Janikowski attempting a 60 yard field goal, and the make or miss will decide it.

Next up is Seattle. They got their first win against the Cardinals..They were destroyed by The Steelers.. We can probably take Seattle. Cleveland wins 21-10.

Then San Francisco. They just played an UGLY game against the Bengals.. I think we can also win this one, but you never know. Braylon Edwards seems to like to play extremely hard against us (despite only playing hard for us when he felt like it) so who knows.. Another 17-14 game that could go either way.

Then Houston. The Texans will win this one and it might be ugly. This might be a 35-10 game, Houston.

The Rams are up next. So far in the season they're 0-3. They didn't even compete against The Ravens last Sunday. If they keep that up they're in for another long season. Browns can win this one and come back from the loss to Houston.

Jacksonville is next. Should still be Blaine Gabbert in there unless they lose their minds. The Browns can win yet another one here, but Jacksonville is another team that's given us trouble before.. Maybe a Colt McCoy hail mary into the endzone with five seconds left in the game......?

Then the rematch with Cinci. I still think we'll win this one. By this point, the Bengals should be completely exposed and firmly at the bottom of the AFC North. Cleveland might not walk all over them, but they'll win it and get their revenge.

Then for Baltimore and Pittsburgh. I still think that these two games are lost causes. Baltimore will win by three scores. Pittsburgh will win by a field goal in a game that they completely control from start to finish.

Then the Arizona game could go either way.

Then Baltimore and Pittsburgh again.. I think the Baltimore game will be another one that's not even close, but then the second Pittsburgh game could go either way. I think one team will win the game by 10 points.

New Season prediction: Between 7-9 and 10-6.

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  1. Don Criqui has to be the worst announcer on TV. The highlights of his calls make me want to rip my ears off.