Monday, June 21, 2010

USA's possibilities in the World Cup

We haven't talked at all about the World Cup yet, and I suppose I can do a recap later, but for now here's the USA's scenarios for advancing out of the group stage. They play Wednesday at 10am against Algeria.

US loses to Algeria - eliminated
US ties Algeria AND England beats Slovenia - eliminated
US ties Algeria AND Slovenia beats England - advance as 2nd place in group
US ties Algeria AND England ties Slovenia - needs to win goal differential against England
US wins - they advance no matter in the group depends on the England/Slovenia match

Vocab - Goal Differential = Goals Scored minus Goals Allowed
If you care, the second tie break is Total Goals Scored in group play.

So its pretty simple, Win and your in. The US should win, but that scenario hasn't held true very often in this World Cup. Some good teams are drawing or losing to lesser teams. I guess the quality of soccer/futbol around the world is evening out.

If the US advances, they play either Saturday at 230pm or Sunday at 10am.