Monday, June 7, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings

So, for a real quick post, just to get my name back on the blog, a quick comment about the Browns and fantasy football.

Matthew Berry posted his top 150 players for Fantasy Football 2010. Obviously its early, but interesting to read nonetheless.

The Browns had 4 players in the top 150, don't get too excited.
Jerome Harrison is the 26th overall RB. - he hasn't truly proven himself, but I bet he's about 15th or so by the end of the year.
Montario Hardesty is the 50th overall RB - could be a TD machine if used right with Harrison.
M. Massaquoi (?) - I think 44th overall WR - not bad, but not good if he's supposed to be our no. 1 receiver.
Josh Cribbs was like 130th overall, period. I think just a token spot for a good returner, even though most leagues don't count return points.

The Browns are going to need more than this; and especially need a QB to be on this list, if they are going to have success.

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