Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Indians Trades...did they work

I haven't done the research...and may not. But here is a list of some recent Indians Trades and whether or not they worked.

2002ish - Bartolo Colon sent to Montreal for Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, Tim Laker?? YES...clearly this one worked. And it will go down as the Greatest of Shapiro's lifetime. It will also never happen again because Montreal was contracting and just shipping off players.

2006 - Coco Crisp and David Riske sent to Boston for Andy Marte, Kelly Shoppach, Guillermo Mota. Yes...kind of. Marte could still deliver something. Shoppach was a nice backup and we traded him for Mitch Talbot who looks good. Mota sucked. But Crisp and Riske really never gave Boston anything too great. Although Crisp did get a ring with them.

2006 - Traded Eduardo Perez for Asdrubal Cabrera who was with Seattle. Perez was announcing games later that year and Cabrera looks like an All Star short stop. YES..it worked.

2006 - Ben Broussard sent to Seattle for Shin-Soo Choo and Shawn Nottingham. YES...Choo is a true 5 tool player and will get paid big time this year for how good he is.

2008 - CC Sabathia sent to Milwaukee for Michael Brantly, Matt LaPorta, Zach Jackson, someone else. Kind off...we're still in a wait and see on this one. CC is still amazing, and we have not seen Brantly and Laporta's best. Those two will make this whole thing work if they become really good.

2008 - Casey Blake sent to the Dodgers for Carlos Santana. Hopefully...Santana is tearing up the AAA pitching...but the Tribe won't move him even though Marcon is hitting sub-200 because they don't want to give Santana an extra year of eligibility so he can get arbitration early. Blake is still the every day third baseman on a really good team. Seems like a win-win, but only if Santana is an every day catcher for the next few years.

2009 - Franklin Gutierrez sent to Seattle and received Valbuena and Joe Smith. Part of a three team deal with the Mets. Gutierrez looks pretty good, Valbuena did, but is now falling. Smith is in the minors. Didn't really work. Could have gotten Texeira in a half year rent in 2007 for the playoff push by trading Gutierrez. We may have a World Series title had we pulled the trigger on that. I believe the same goes for Adam Miller, over hyped pitcher who is probably never going to pitch again because he had 3 surgeries on his middle finger.

2009 - Mark DeRosa sent to Cardinals for Chris Perez and Jess Todd. Perez looks good so this one probably worked. DeRosa was nice to have too though. Kind of an even swap.

2009 - Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco sent to Phillies for Jason Knapp, Jason Donald, Lou Marcon, Carlos Carrasco. Not yet...kind of too soon. But Marcon looks horrible, he has two RBI this year. Jason Donald is too young, but moved through the minors fast. Jason Knapp has Tommy John surgery. Carlos is doing well in AAA, but we'll see if he can transition to the Majors this year. Lee still looks dominant...so another Cy young winner traded and nothing to show for it yet..

2009 - Victor Martinez sent to Boston for Justin Masterson, Nick Hagadone, Bryan Price. NO...Victor is still good and we have no catcher. Masterson sucks.

2009 - Carl Pavano sent to Minnesota for player to be named later (Yohan Pino). No, Don't know who Pino is...and Pavano is still doing well.

2009 - Ryan Garko and Rafael Betancourt are traded for nobodies. Betancourt is still good, Garko is in the minors. Didn't really work.

2009 - (after season) Kelly Shoppach sent to TB for Mitch Talbot (was a player to be named). Yes, Talbot is flourishing in his brief time with the majors. Shoppach proved he's a career back up.

That's enough for now. You can make up your mind on how all these moves helped or hurt the team. If I think of more I'll create another post. Enjoy.

Thanks to baseball-reference.com for much of this information.

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