Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cavs vs Celtics

Now those are the Celtics I know... In a crunch moment, NOT fouling Shaq.. allowing Mo Williams to DUNK.. Not fouling while down by about 7 with 40 some seconds to go.. The Celtics quit on this game, or Doc Rivers is the worst coach in the NBA.

How do you not foul?!? How do you not send the worst free throw shooting team to the foul line in the last few seconds? Even if we make the free throws, Ray Allen can still hit the 3s to counter? Boston could've easily won that game, but instead they quit.

Those are the Celtics I know from this past season.

Hopefully Shaq keeps providing a brick wall for Rondo to crash and burn into and LeBron's elbow stays fixed... It's the Celtics, so I dont even have a prediction on this series because stupid things always happen with Boston involved...but if this game is any indication, Celtics will quit for good around game three.

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