Monday, May 24, 2010

Brown Fired....Horrible line in ESPN Article

Coach Brown got fired. Great...we all knew it was coming. But what upsets me most in this article is how arrogant the writer is about LeBron leaving Cleveland. Read the quote below.

"Cleveland's next move will be an interesting one. Because of James' uncertain future, it's possible the Cavs would want his input into their next coaching hire, assuming the two-time MVP is still considering re-signing with Cleveland when free agency opens after midnight on July 1. The Cavs will have to search for a new coach not knowing if James will be back and would have to go into the draft and free agency without a coach."

WHY THE HELL is there even a question that LeBron is 'considering' returning to the city that can pay him MORE than any other city. This is ridiculous. More National Media shoving it down our throat that LeBron MIGHT leave.

Its absolutely outrageous that this writer puts a line like that in the article. I'm not saying I'm confident LeBron will return...but 99% of free agents leave for the city with the most money. The most money for LeBron is CLEVELAND. So to say 'assuming he's still considering staying' is an absolute joke.

Just Give me a Break already.

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