Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random thoughts vol. 2

   I don't know what the Browns should do at QB.  I really want to believe that Colt McCoy can be the answer, but that might just be foolish, irrational reasoning at this point.  There are a ton of good QBs in this upcoming draft, and we won't have to pay a billion dollars to get one because of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. So maybe it will be good to get a stereotypical 6'4" QB with a laser rocket arm.
   I do think a nice alternative though is to draft a quality RB (i've stated previously I'm okay with LeMichel James and Peyton Hillis in the backfield next year). We also need another WR and some Oline help.  If we have enough early picks to sneak another DB in there, that's good too.
   But if the Browns can't get it right in this offseason, than I'm not sure they ever will.  By all rights, they have the office staff to do it, and they have a solid base of talent to add too (Thomas, Mack, Haden, D'Qwell, D-Line). This is partly why I hope they don't take a QB early this year, I want to see those early picks used on talent to help this team this year.  We've seen around that league this year that rookie QBs can step in and work right away, so we don't have to pick one this year to 'develop' them.  We can wait another year until we're good and then grab one to fill in.

Nothing much to say about the Indians or Cavs right now.

Ohio State should fire Gene Smith as Athletic Director.  He wanted to 'reward' the current seniors by letting them play in this bowl game when he should have self imposed a bowl ban this year when they are 6-6.  Now, the NCAA instituted a bowl ban for next year when OSU could play in the Big 10 championship game under Urban Meyer.  This was a horrible decision by Smith and he cost the Buckeyes a possible BCS bid next year because they will be that good under Meyer.

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