Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random thoughts vol. 1

Was the trade for Baron Davis the best deal ever made?  Maybe not, but since was just released because of the amnesty clause, it certainly seems like it.  Let's quickly review the important details of that trade.

Cavs trade Mo Williams and a bag of balls to the Clippers for Baron Davis' huge contract and their first round draft pick.  Davis has $27 million gaurenteed dollars left on his contract, but because of the new CBA's amnesty clause, the Cavs get some kind of relief from all that money.  On top of that, we got out from under Williams contract and secured a lottery draft pick, the one that turned out to be the No.1 pick overall and we got Kyrie Irving!  If Irving is any good at all, that was a steal that turned into the best trade ever since would release Davis almost free and clear.

I wasn't interested in the Cavs last year because they were terrible, not exciting, and I just hated the NBA for all the players positioning themselves like that.  However, the youth this year might get me interested in at least the Cavs again.  Purely as a fair weather fan, nothing else.  I still dislike the NBA because of the way they promote their game and the way they let the players run the association.

I like hearing Mike Holmgren talk.  Regardless of what he is actually saying, is voice is very confident, yet calm and reassuring.  It gives me optimism just to hear him speak about the Browns.  Hopefully that all does not go unjustified.

James Harrison is a punk.  He's the kind of player that tries to get away with as much as possible and then he plays the ultimate victim when he gets caught.  I don't care if the player is a 'runner' or not, if you put your head down and dive at them with the top of your helmet, you're a gutless coward that can't tackle within the rules.  Just accept your punishment and move on.  You can keep playing hard, but when you get caught, don't cry like a baby.

Please pick LeMichel James.  He will be a perfect piece for the west coast offense coming out of the backfield on screens and draw plays.  (watch Darren Sproles for an example)  I really want that dude on my team, he's ridiculous.

OSU Basketball is pretty awesome right now.
OSU Football will be pretty awesome in 2013.

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