Thursday, December 1, 2011

McCoy and Flacco

Since the Browns are playing the Ravens this week, it seemed fair to compare the QBs.  Here are my conclusions from some stat digging and mostly just historical observations.

Both guys have 230 completions this year, 13 TDs and 8 INTs.  McCoy has a slightly better completion % but Flacco has more yards (and therefore more yds/game).

So what I take from most of this is that they are virtually the same.  However, the Ravens are 8-3 and the Browns are 4-7.  And this year, the Browns defense is not really losing them games.  So I have a hard with simply saying that Baltimore has a better Defense and that's the reason.  The answer probably is simple though.  The Ravens have a better running game. Period.

They also have a better offensive line (or at least they are playing better at that position).  I basically point all this out because I am rather tired of hearing how much better all the QBs in the AFC North are than Colt McCoy.  At the end of the day, its really not true.  I'm not saying McCoy is as good at Tom Brady...of course not.  But he can most definitely compete with Flacco and Dalton (supposing this isn't a fluke with Dalton).  I guess you could say Rapelisberger is better, but anyone who has the morals he does is terrible in my eyes.  (plus i still agree with the argument that Big Ben has no 'touch' and gets a lot of credit for throwing to open receivers.)

So just some food for thought.  McCoy and Flacco are virtually even in all respects, but one has a better record because of factors outside of his control.

Debate over!

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