Friday, January 14, 2011

NFL Playoffs

So.. Probably everyone in the Cleveland area is dreading the AFC Playoffs. I have to be a dick and say, "Not me." Pittsburgh and Baltimore hate each other as much as I hate both of those teams. They're going to try and kill each other. It will be a fantastic game of football, possibly full of post-game fines. I'm also going to be rooting for a four overtime game where 80% of both teams leave injured.

On the other side, the other team everyone hates because Bill Belichick turned them into contenders. Also, my second favorite team in the league. They're playing against a team that hates them. The Jets and Pats hate each other. They want to destroy each other.

There might not be anything left from any of these teams come the AFC Championship.

Then, over in the NFC we've got The Seahawks (one win into the playoffs, still a losing record. By the way, if they win again, they'll be in the NFC Championship game with a .500 record.) The Packers, The Bears, and The Falcons. I wonder if the Seahawks can beat the Bears?

Browns fans: Atlanta hired a no-name (kinda) coordinator as their head coach a couple years ago too. And I'd like to think Holmgren knows what he's doing. This isn't Randy Lerner's decision anymore.

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