Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm done with the Cavs

I'm done!

Going in to this year, I thought, "Hey, I'll enjoy the Cavs more this year because they will play hard, play like a team, and be more entertaining to watch". Frankly, I didn't like watching games when Lebron would dribble the ball 20 times before driving to the basket.

However, that EMBARRASSING performance last night on top of the disgusting way all the Cavs players sucked up to that A-Hole; makes me want to vomit. Clearly the NBA is a league where competition doesn't matter and its all just one big love fest taking place in the middle of a rap concert. I'm no longer interested.

The Cavs organization did fine yesterday. I thought they did what they should have done. But the players on that team Embarrassed the city last night. Forget them!

(To be fair, I'll eventually become a fair weather fan again like I've always been. But for the rest of this year, I'm out. Maybe even next year too.)

Go Browns...and yes, Go Tribe.

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