Monday, December 6, 2010

Cavs RIP

Okay Mr. Scott, you've gotta make some changes with these guys.

LeBron came back to town and your guys just rolled over and let him do whatever he wanted. He was fouled for real what, once? Come on! Win or lose, three players should've fouled out of this game from on your team. Bosh should've been dragging LeBron off the court by the time this game was over. You're telling me you couldn't have Ryan Hollins crack LeBron in the jaw with a forearm a couple times? You couldn't send Samardo Samuels out there to do the same 6 times?

Instead, all of the Cavs players were fighting over who gets to hug LeBron first?!

WHAT THE F*CK!??!!!?

Half the game, Gibson is talking to LeBron and they're laughing it up. Supposedly this was about friendly competition but I don't care. Byron Scott should've told LeBron to get the F away from his bench.

In July, LeBron told every one of these guys, "You all suck, I can't win anything here, I'm going to team up with Dwyane Wade." And now they're all running up to him giving him hugs, stealing his headband, doing stupid shit.

Jamario Moon should've low-blowed him one of the times he was driving the lane. JJ Hickson should've thrown him to the floor with an illegal screen. Instead, they all fought each other over who was going to get to suck him off first.

Had LeBron gone to the sideline completely rattled and distraught and had some Cavs gone to the locker room having fouled out, win or lose Cleveland would've been happier.

The Cavs just got embarrassed on one of their only Nationally televised games this season. And they didn't care. Now, a few days later, and they're getting blown out by the Detroit Pistons.

They've gotta win back a lot of fans after this disaster.

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