Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mike's Long Awaited Return

I apologize for the delay to all of our faithful readers (I'm not sure why I pluralized the word readers...but wishful thinking I suppose).  Here a just a bunch of thoughts without any rhyme or reason from all the news I didn't comment on during my absense.

LeBron wins a ring. ::sigh::  Luckily the sun came up, and he's still a self-centered jerk.  Life goes on.

The Browns had a good draft.  I am getting more and more excited about Weeden and Richardson as the season draws near.

I don't buy in to all the complaints about the Browns WR core.  They aren't great, but I don't agree that it was a priority to waste a lot of money or high draft picks on one.

I keep coming back to many, many championship teams that win in the NFL with a great QB and average WRs.  I don't see teams winning with great WRs and an average QB.  Ideally you want both...I agree...but I also want a million dollars and that's not happening either.

Cavs draft was intriguing.  I feel good about it..but that could just be the media making it sound better than it is.

Indians...ugh.  So hard to get overly excited about a team of average players.  They are playing well enough to keep interest, but I'm getting more nervous as the days go on.

I do think that the front office will make a move, but will it be too little too late.  Will the team be 6 games back by the trade deadline and the other teams have hit their stride.  Luckily by then, Training Camp will open and we will have scheduled Man Day III

If the schedulers of Browns Training Camp have any kind of sense, they will schedule a practice that is open to the public after the release of The Expendibles 2 so that Man Day III can be EPIC this year.

Thank God for wi-fi access during Jury Duty!

...stay tuned...more to come as I think of it.

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