Thursday, July 12, 2012

Browns stay aggressive and take WR Josh Gordon

The NFL supplemental draft just happened for 2012. In short, here's what that means.
  • Players who have had a change in circumstances between the Deadline to declare for the April NFL draft and the deadline for a possible supplemental draft (usually in July) may be subject for an additional draft by the NFL teams.
  • This doesn't happen often and usually just includes one player. (I don't know exactly why Josh Gordon was eligible other than he sat out last year and changed his mind about the NFL because his family needs money)
  • NFL Teams are pooled into groups based on last years standings. They are then given weights and entered into a lottery. The order is picked by weighted percentage and by which pool they are in.
  • The more important part of that is that the Teams indicated (confidentially) which 2013 draft pick they would give up to take X player.
  • The Team willing to give up the highest pick based on the order of the supplemental draft gets the player and loses the future draft pick.
So in the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft, the Browns were awarded Josh Gordon, WR Baylor/Utah in the 2nd round.  This is because nobody gave up a first round pick, and the Browns were the first team (based on the order) to give up a 2nd round pick.

This really stays consistant with the new Aggressive attitude the Browns Front Office have demonstrated in the draft.  First they aggressively trade up to make sure they get Trent Richardson, then they take Weeden ahead of most thought they would, and now they give up a 2nd round pick in 2013 on a guy who didn't play NCAA football last year.

They basically got another Greg Little, however, Gordon was projected to be a Top 10 pick overall next year if he plays out the year in Utah and maintains a reasonable level of performance.  So he's got some growing to do..but if Little progresses as expected and Gordon has the same kind of year Little had last year...the Browns will finally be 'Okay' at WR.  And then in 2013 that tandom could be something special.

There is some optimism here.  (there are also many questions...but for now at least there is some hope)


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