Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Steelers Fans are Pathetic

Well, our friend Larry's not, because he's somehow a dedicated fan.. Let's talk about the other Steelers fans. Larry's getting married, so for his bachelor party we took him to Pittsburgh on Saturday, we went to the casinos and bars then crashed at our hotel for about 4 hours, then got up to tailgate for the Browns @ Steelers game.

He had a blast, so that's great. But, again - I want to talk about the "fans" we observed. First off, every Steelers fan looks the same. The guys all have a crew cut and a goatee, and the females all look like bar skanks. All of them. And the ones that didn't? They were secretly Browns fans. Back to the ones who had the goatees. Half of them that we met were from Ohio. Steelers fans are fair-weather fans, and they're not die-hards. They just jump on the bandwagon of a winning team.

"Browns are going down!!" was the most creative insult thrown our way, even after people were starting to get hammered... Or were they starting to get hammered? I ask this because people didn't start filing into the parking lots until 11:30am!! You can't get a spot in the Muni Lot downtown after 7:15am!!! And with the exception of about 10 groups, this lot was DEAD until about 11:30 when it started to fill up!? How pathetic is that?

If Pittsburgh's record was 3-13, they'd have half the fans they have right now. But Cleveland's record can be 3-13 all it wants and we're all still here and loyal, we're just angrier.

Then, in a pleasant surprise, Colt McCoy looked pretty good. We'll keep this realistic though, considering Brady Quinn looked really good against Denver in his first game as a Browns starter.

James Harrison is also my new least favorite player in the NFL. The day Harrison goes down with a career ending injury, or gets paralyzed, or better yet, killed on the field, I'm throwing a party. And no, that's not too harsh. We should send Sam Aiken out there to step on his throat with his cleat when he's on the bottom of a pile. Maybe Billy Yates could rip out one of his eyes during a fumble pileup? There's no place in football or life for someone who says "I WANT to hurt other people."

Also, the parking lot attendants were RETARDED. These were the dumbest people alive. They blocked cars in and filled the lot to the absolute max. Fasig had to get out, find me a path through the mess of cars, and ultimately we got out with no casualties.

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