Monday, October 4, 2010

Browns vs Bengals

There we go.

However, this team could be 4-0 right now. We've been in it each game and only had a couple breaks here and there. This game against the Bengals went our way. It's definitely good to have a division win. It's good to have a win at home. Hillis looks like Harrison did at the end of last season. He looked like a monster. He's already done more than Brady Quinn ever did.. and probably ever will do.

Our cornerbacks got torched again, but Cincinatti kept trying to run. It seems like teams can't run against the Browns. We'll find that out for sure when we play the Steelers. Also - I'm pretty sure that Palmer's second fumble could've been the tuck rule, but that's okay.

Also - TJ Ward's hit on Shipley was clean. Ward turned sideways to brace for the impact and didn't lead with his helmet in any way. Was Ward supposed to get out of the way and let Shipley catch the ball? Was Ward supposed to know that Eric Wright was going to tip the ball successfully? I don't get it. Yes, we don't want receivers getting killed out there, but what is Ward supposed to do in that situation? Duck and tackle at the waist so Shipley can catch the ball high and score? Don't get it. Good job Ward. Maybe Receivers will start thinking, "Where's TJ Ward at???" while they're about to catch the ball and they'll drop the pass.

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