Monday, September 13, 2010

Browns Week 1

Well, the Browns looked like the Browns of old. No, they weren't that bad, but they only played half of a football game. Hopefully this is not a true indicator of this teams perseverance and work ethic. Mangini and Holmgren are better than this, and I do believe in the next few weeks you'll see a cleaner game and a more well coached team.

A couple notes:
  • Delhomme (don't call me Del - Hommi) played better than most QBs we've seen in the past. I guess we're going to have to get used to the Brett Favre mentality of "I can make that ball fit in between those three defenders". I think the coaches will coach him down off that.
  • I believe the first to be true because I think Mangini will committ much more to the run game and short passing game in week 2. I don't think KC has the DLine that Tampa has, or the defense as a whole.
  • Harrison will be itching to keep running, and should get the chance if Hillis fumbles again.
  • But i like the combo of Hillis and Harrison if used right. I think the play calling in the 2nd half was bad and didn't capitalize on that great running combo.
  • The Defense looked good. They truly only gave up 10 points...the TD after the Interception will count against them, but shouldn't. The secondary was improved, all be it against a bad QB, but improved nonetheless.
  • King Kong Bernard (don't call me Marcus) will live up to his name this year.

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