Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday thoughts about sports...and more

  • Given all the turnovers, I'm not thrilled with the Browns performance on Saturday vs. the Rams. But, if you write a few of those off to the weather, the Browns did pretty well.
  • The Browns did however make Jay Feely look like Dan Marino.
  • Maurice Clarett is trying to get permission from a judge to go tryout for the new UFL team in Omaha. A few months ago I read that he enrolled in classes at OSU. You have to pick a new lifestyle Maurice...clearly football isn't working for you, let it go.
  • Repo Man was better than expected...and had a neat twist at the end. (we don't pay for movies much, so my reviews are mostly based on DVDs we get from the library)
  • Speaking of the Library, I realized I should be doing a lot more there. Because my taxes pay for the darn thing, so I should be trying to get everything i can out of there. Movies, Music, and those things that have writing in them.....
  • The Indians........oh forget it. Its not worth my time to write about them anymore, or your time to read about them.
  • more Browns stuff in a few days.

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