Monday, August 16, 2010

Browns vs Packers

Yeah.. I'm going to say the Browns looked awesome. Jake Delhomme passed like a freaking genius against a Super Bowl-Ready team. With what looked like no effort at all, our first team marched right down the throats of the Packers and Harrison capped it off with a rushing TD.

Then.... Aaron Rodgers passed like a freaking genius against our.. mediocre at best team. With no effort at all, he marched right down our throats and scored TDs.

So yeah, we're definitely in the right direction now, but work is needed. Thank god we have Phil to get us out of jams. Colt didn't look great, but that's ok. He's learning. He's not playing this year, or maybe next year, so there's no rush for him to be great. Hopefully Delhomme continues looking like this and McCoy can become OUR Aaron Rodgers..

Seneca Wallace also looked good, but he only had four completions yet two of them were the TDs, so we need to see more of him in Game 2.

The receivers looked great - Brian Robiskie. Dude's ready. Massaquoi was catching everything.. Moore looks good. Cribbs didn't do anything as a reciever and didn't return anything, but we can assume he'll still be an OK receiver and the best kick returner in the league. Harrison looked fine, Hillis looked awesome. Vickers crushed AJ Hawk on that first Harrison TD run. Davis was fine. Chris Jennings.... He's the odd man out this season. Practice squad? CFL?

And its great to see the Browns win the first game of the football year. I can't remember the last time that happened.

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