Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cleveland Browns

I didn't see the Jacksonville game. But I'm reading the play by play now, finally. WTF are we doing? Run, Run, Pass/Sack, Punt. Three Times after the turnovers.

And guess what? When Daboll mixed it up, they didn't go three and out. Maybe it was one or two extra plays, but Run, Run, Pass doesn't work, Daboll. It never works.

If Peyton Hillis up the middle doesn't work the first four times, it's not going to work the fifth time. And it's damn well not going to work the sixth time.

When your opponent lines up 4 defensive lineman, and 7 linebackers all in the box, you can't have Peyton Hillis run up the middle over and over. The guy can only plow over one or two guys at a time. Not seven.

Mix it up, show creativity. That's how you hung in there with the Jets, and that's how you dominated the Saints and Pats. Get it together.

Apparently Colin Cowherd is saying Mangini is going to be fired yesterday. That person's sources are not reliable. Mangini will not be fired yesterday.

Tomorrow, maybe. But hopefully not. He's the right guy to get these guys in the right direction.. Obviously until our offense starts moving again, I'll second guess Daboll all season.

Off-topic: Indians owner says "Now is not the right time to spend money on free agents." Sell the Indians to an owner who actually has money to spend then? I'm not an Indians fan, but hearing that makes me mad. You own a Baseball team with a huge following, and if they were actually half decent would have an even bigger following. Remember in the 90's when you couldn't get a ticket to a game? Get some players in here (OR KEEP YOUR PLAYERS HERE) and make the team as good as they can be, asshole.

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